Six Foods You Should Eat Before Exercising

Last update: 09 July, 2018

To get the most from your workouts you need to know what food to eat before exercising.

Most people pay more attention to post workout meals and very few value to pre-workout meals. This is a mistake.

The truth is that proper nutrition before exercising is essential for the body to have the necessary energy throughout the workout.


The importance of pre-workout food

On many occasions, people who are on a diet and special exercise program are in search of goals, such as losing weight or gaining muscle mass. They are more focused on post-workout nutrition. However, the pre-workout or pre-workout meal is just as important as the post-workout meal.

On the other hand, there is a widespread myth that suggests not consuming any type of food before training will accelerate calorie burning. This myth is not only false, but also dangerous.

Exercising while fasting can deteriorate muscles and cause dizziness, fainting and general malaise, In addition, the body will not have the same energy to train optimally.

The foods you eat before exercise are just as important as throughout the rest of the day. In fact, a pre-workout meal is especially designed to provide the body with much needed energy.

With the recommended foods, performance during and after exercise will be improved. We must recognize the importance of these food and consume the most appropriate foods in order to achieve our goals.

Foods you should eat before exercising


Carbohydrates are a stable source of energy. Foods that contain carbohydrates are necessary for the body to maintain a lot of energy throughout the workout.

Remember, not all carbohydrates are recommended, especially if the person is on a special diet.

In this case, the best carbohydrates to eat before exercising are fruits, cereals, rice and even pasta. A glass of oatmeal or baked banana is also an excellent pre-workout food.


Assorted vegetable juices

Vegetable juices are always the healthy option to consume before practicing any type of exercise. Recommended juices are with green vegetables; however, according to taste, different combinations of vegetables can be used.



Fiber is without a doubt, one of the best sources of energy. Therefore, it is always a good option to consume it before training. This means that the body has enough energy during and after exercise. Fiber can be found in a wide variety of cereals and also in some fruits.



The consumption of protein in moderate amounts is also recommended. The reason? Protein makes it easier for the body to create or form tissues in the different muscles that will be exercised. Therefore, this consumption is of utmost importance for the athlete.




Sugar is also a recommended component for a pre-workout. It plays a key role in the performance of the body during exercise, as well as during the rest of the day. Of course, the consumption of sugar should be moderate and preferably choose natural sugar options.



Keeping the body well hydrated is also key to optimal performance. On many occasions, people focus more on hydration during exercise; however, it is necessary to start hydrating the body before training.

It is advisable to drink enough water and also sports drinks that contain sodium. In this way, the athlete will get the hydration that his or her body requires.

The consumption of food before exercise should be moderate. It is best to eat some of the foods recommended above, but always in small quantities and at least one hour before starting training.

The foods you eat before exercise should complement your daily training and eating pattern. Not only is it important to eat before exercising, but to eat the right way. Choosing the most appropriate foods to give the body enough energy is the key to achieving your objectives.

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