How Fat Burner Supplements Work

For fat burner supplements to fulfill their function, you must also eat a proper diet and exercise regularly.
How Fat Burner Supplements Work

Last update: 16 February, 2021

Fat burner supplements are very popular options among those who want to improve their body composition. These products can help you lose weight and improve metabolic function, which could reduce your percentage of body fat as long as you supplement them with a good diet and exercise.

However, not all fat burner supplements produce effects; few are actually effective. Among them, we could highlight caffeine, ginseng, green tea extract, ginger, and capsaicin. Below, we’re going to tell you their secrets.

Fat burner supplements increase fat oxidation

One of the most common physiological routes fat burner supplements play a role in is related to fat oxidation in energy production. A good example is green tea. Its polyphenols stimulate the use of this substrate as the main energy source, according to a study published in the journal Molecules.

However, experts have been able to show that other substances such as capsaicin directly increase metabolic rate. This means that consuming it helps the body burn more calories, even at rest, which tips the balance towards energy expenditure. This would lead to progressive weight loss.

In addition, some prescription drugs can have a positive effect on weight loss. An example is metformin, a drug that increases insulin sensitivity and, thus, improves metabolic flexibility. However, it must be prescribed by a doctor. But anyone can have access to supplements.

A woman who wants to lose body fat.

You have to combine supplements with good habits

Although fat burner supplements can stimulate weight loss, they aren’t miraculous. In order for them to work for you, you need to make sure to follow good lifestyle habits. It’s important for you to eat a low-calorie diet in order to tip the balance towards energy expenditure.

Similarly, doing regular physical activity is very important. You should prioritize strength exercises, as they increase the muscle cross-sectional area and boost metabolism. However, endurance exercises also play a role in stimulating fat oxidation.

Finally, we need to highlight the need to improve your sleep hygiene and avoid toxic substances. For example, alcohol can have a negative impact on weight loss. This is because it contains many empty calories, which also affects metabolic functioning. Drinking alcohol frequently can even increase the risk of suffering complex and chronic diseases, such as liver disease.

As we mentioned above, it’s also very important for you to get adequate sleep. While you sleep, your body repairs damage, which leads to a greater production of certain hormones and an increase in lean mass in the context of exercise.

You can use fat burner supplements to lose weight

A person holding their belly fat.
Belly fat can seriously affect heart health.

You can find many different fat burner supplements on the market that you can use to help you on your fat and weight loss journey. As you’ve seen, they act in two ways. Nevertheless, remember that they aren’t capable of producing miraculous effects. They can simply help you out.

To maximize results, you’ll need to change your lifestyle habits. In this regard, you have to watch your diet, as well as exercise regularly. Remember to also avoid bad habits, such as smoking and drinking. These substances are hazardous to health and increase body fat.

Finally, keep in mind that you can resort to drugs capable of aiding weight loss. However, they require a prescription, as doctors often resort to them to treat certain conditions. Although they’re options for the most extreme cases, they can prove helpful to you. However, you first need to get your doctor’s approval and a prescription before taking them.

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