Nitrate Supplements Improve Athletic Performance

Nitrate supplements are a good choice when looking for supplements that help athletes perform. In addition to enhancing physical performance, nitrate supplements contribute to fulfilling the body's nutritional needs.
Nitrate Supplements Improve Athletic Performance

Last update: 04 November, 2019

Amateur and professional athletes are constantly looking for ways to optimize their athletic performance. They can achieve this through rigorous training routines or by following special diets. Nitrate supplements are usually used to guarantee all of the body’s nutritional needs.

The most common objectives for athletes is to maintain their physical capacities at the highest level while avoiding stagnation.

Nutritional supplements: a means, not an end

Nutritional supplements are usually a big part of a work out routine for those who work out regularly. The efficiency of supplements has been proven as a tool to improve the body’s general condition.

It’s important to speak to a nutritionist or physical trainer before taking potassium supplements. In order for supplements to be effective, they have to be part of a comprehensive plan to pursue specific objectives. Supplements go hand in hand with physical exercise and a healthy diet.

Keep in mind, however, that supplements, when consumed indiscriminately and without professional supervision, may end up causing more harm than good.

Nitrates, controversial elements

Nitrate is a substance that derives from the nitrogen cycle. Found in the soil and absorbed by living beings, they eventually return to the atmosphere. Nitrates are important for human beings, however, in excess, they can cause serious problems.

Vegetables are the main source of this important element. They are also found, to a lesser extent, in water and some fruits. As a general rule, the further the food is from the soil after being harvested, the lower its nitrate concentration will be.

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The controversy lies in the fact that there has been an increase in nitrate in the soil due to the actions of human beings. As a result, it may cause an imbalance and the final consequences are yet to be known.

The human actions that can cause an imbalance in nitrates include inadequate agricultural practices, the indiscriminate use of fertilizers and inadequate management of household waste.

Do nitrate supplements improve athletic performance?

This question arises due to the huge variability and availability of supplements which include nitrates.

The people who benefit the most when it comes to nitrate supplements are athletes who participate in resistance and endurance exercises. Furthermore, it benefits those who practice mountain sports and other sports at high altitudes. These are places where oxygen availability is low and the lungs have to become more effective.

The consumption of nutritional supplements that contain inorganic nitrates increases the formation of a certain type of muscle fiber. This is done essentially to keep the body perfectly energized. This can have a positive effect on athletic performance.

Other properties and the benefits of nitrate supplements

Once assimilated by the body nitrates may be transformed into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide fulfills the important function of protecting cells.

L-arginine is a component of nitrate supplements. It’s an amino acid that facilitates muscle recovery by eliminating ammonia which builds up due to physical stress. It also increases blood flow, this allows greater amounts of oxygen to reach the body’s tissues.

Nitric oxide stimulates the expansion of muscle fibers, increases cardiovascular capacity and offers anti-inflammatory properties. It also acts as a blood pressure regulator and plays a role in reducing cholesterol levels.

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How to take nitrate supplements

The proper way to take nitrate supplements is a topic of constant discussion. The long term side effects of prolonged use have not been defined.

What has been proven, however, is that the best way to take advantage of these supplements is to begin to take them 15 days before competing. What’s for sure is that these supplements should be taken in a controlled and planned manner under the supervision of a professional.

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