Teatox: What Does it Consist of?

Nutrition experts recommend regular tea consumption due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power. Have you heard of teatox?
Teatox: What Does it Consist of?

Last update: 18 October, 2020

Teatox is a novel concept that refers to the consumption of tea and the performance of detox diets. This trend highlights the need to consume infusions regularly to improve health, along with, of course, a varied and balanced diet.

In recent years, there’s been an increase in the effort to reduce the levels of systemic inflammation and oxidation. Several pieces of research have shown that by modulating both parameters, it’s possible to reduce the prevalence of complex diseases. For that reason, it’s one of the main objectives of current nutrition.

Teatox to improve health

In order to enjoy a better state of health, many professionals propose the teatox method, which refers to frequent tea intake. According to a study published in the Nutrients journal, this drink is capable of exerting an anti-inflammatory effect. This happens thanks to the phytonutrients and flavonoids it contains.

Moreover, there’s scientific evidence that indicates that regular tea consumption is capable of reducing the incidence of various pathologies, including prostate cancer. For this reason, many experts recommend including infusions in the daily diet, to complete the requirements of antioxidant substances.

The promising effects of teatox

There’s something we must make clear here; it’s an actual proven fact that regular tea consumption brings positive effects to the body. Actually, some teatox defenders say that this method’s capable of exercising functions not supported by science. One of them is the ability to modulate blood pH. However, the scientific literature doesn’t support that it’s possible to change this parameter since a slight change could have fatal consequences in the body.

Furthermore, people who’ve adhered to this habit also defend that it’s capable of improving immune function. However, there’s no solid evidence on this claim either. Although it’s true that certain indicators establish that the regular supply of antioxidants can improve the immune system, we can’t make a solid statement on this matter just yet.

Drinking infusions is a healthy habit

Undoubtedly, regular infusion consumption is positive for health. This doesn’t mean all infusions are good, though. If you want to lead a healthy tea habit, you must choose sugar-free ones. Otherwise, you’d be subjecting your pancreas to unnecessary stress that could compromise its function.

Tea tends to have high caffeine content, which explains why so many individuals like to consume it early in the mornings. In this way, they take advantage of the anorectic (appetite suppressant) and stimulant effect to guarantee adequate performance. After 12 pm, it may be more advisable to resort to infusions that have little to no caffeine content in order not to hinder nighttime sleep.

Keep in mind that it’s beneficial to combine infusions of different types. In fact, it’s a great thing to resort to teas that have been complemented with spices, such as turmeric or ginger. That combination increases their antioxidant capacity, thereby enhancing their health effects.

In spite of everything, the fact that it’s positive to substitute coffee for tea consumption isn’t true at all. Coffee also contains antioxidants in its composition, which makes its intake beneficial as long as it’s free of sugars and liquors.

A natural infusion perfect for teatox.

A new trend

As you can see, teatox has a lot to do with the detox diets that have been become popular in recent years. There are truths and myths around this method. Although consuming tea is beneficial, its effect on the body isn’t as great as many gurus claim.

Even so, it’s positive to include them in the diet. We advise you to choose those that contain spices in their composition to increase their anti-inflammatory power.

With that being said, don’t forget to lead a balanced and healthy diet. Otherwise, the consumption of these infusions will be completely pointless. Likewise, remember that it’s essential to practice sports frequently to guarantee the correct modulation of inflammation and to delay oxidative processes. Of course, you must complete all of this with adequate rest; bear in mind that your body needs to rest in order to function properly.

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