The Benefits of Brussels Sprouts

Do you often eat Brussels sprouts? If not, you should start doing so. These tiny cabbages have a very positive impact on our body thanks to all its benefits.
The Benefits of Brussels Sprouts

Last update: 31 August, 2019

Brussels sprouts are very healthy food with remarkable benefits. Therefore, it’s advisable to include them in our weekly meal plan. In this article, we’ll explain what the main virtues of this food are. In addition, we propose two very healthy recipes that will make you want to start eating Brussels sprouts right away.

Brussels sprouts benefits

Brussels sprouts are very healthy with a low caloric index. In addition, they have a large number of properties that impact on health in a very positive way. These are some of the most prominent:

Contains fiber

One hundred grams of Brussels sprouts contains 9 grams of fiber. This makes these vegetables a highly recommended food for those who suffer episodes of constipation. They also facilitate the digestive process, so they are a healthy food solution against slow and heavy digestions.

Rich in vitamin C

If we think of foods rich in vitamin C, the first ones that come to mind are orange or kiwi. However, you should know that there are other foods rich in this nutrient too. Some of the benefits of vitamin C are the protection of the cardiovascular system, the reduction of anxiety levels or the prevention of aging.

Laxative effect

The laxative effect can be a benefit or an inconvenience. Everything depends on the functioning of our body and the number of sprouts we consume.

discover the many ways brussels sprouts are good for your body

The truth is that, in specific cases of constipation, this vegetable is very beneficial. They constitute a natural and very effective way to combat this problem.

However, if you’re a lover of these vegetables, their laxative effect can be inconvenient. You should consume them in moderation because, otherwise, you could suffer an annoying episode of gastroenteritis.

They fight anemia

Because of the iron content, Brussels sprouts are very good at fighting anemia. They’re perfect as a complement to the medication that your doctor and nutritionist recommend. This way, if you have a tendency to suffer from this health problem, it’s advisable that you incorporate them into your weekly diet.

Remember that other foods that fight anemia thanks to its iron content are liver, shellfish, nuts or red meat. A diet rich in iron is the best way to prevent the beginning of anemia and its annoying symptoms, such as fatigue or joint pain.

They strengthen the bones

Their high calcium content is one of the lesser-known properties of these vegetables. As it is, Brussels sprouts contain 42 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams of sprouts. Its high calcium levels have a very favorable impact on the conservation and strengthening of the bones.

Remember that calcium must be present in the daily diet of every person. The most common way to incorporate it is through dairy products. However, many people are adopting a vegan lifestyle. This is why you should know how to consume calcium if you don’t eat dairy.

Different ways to eat Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts can be found in the supermarket throughout the year. In addition, you can also buy them frozen or cooked.

In this article, we’ll suggest two simple and delicious recipes that will make you crave Brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts with Parmesan cheese

This simple recipe is perfect for children, especially if you want them to become used to eating their veggies. To prepare it, you just have to cook Brussels sprouts for 15 minutes. Then, put them in a frying pan with a little butter and some garlic to add flavor.

Once the Brussels are well cooked, and you’ve removed the pan from the stove, add salt, pepper and plenty of Parmesan cheese. This is a simple recipe that everyone loves, and you’ll find that your family and friends will enjoy it too.

delicious parmesan and cabbages recipe

Cream Brussels sprouts

Although it’s not usual to eat Brussels sprouts as a cream, it can be delicious and healthy in equal parts. We encourage you to try to consume them in this way because the results are simply spectacular.

You should place your Brussels sprouts in a pot, along with celery, onion, a carrot, and little garlic. Also, you can add salt and pepper to taste. Boil it for 15 minutes in broth, until the vegetables are soft. Then, just use a blender to blend them together in a delicious cream.

As you can see, Brussels sprouts report many benefits for your body. Don’t hesitate to add them to your weekly menu, and start living your healthier life.

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