The Perricone Diet: a good way to lose weight?

Invented by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, the diet that bears his name is called the Perricone diet. It's a peculiar way to lose weight, however it promises great results.
The Perricone Diet: a good way to lose weight?

Last update: 06 March, 2019

The Perricone diet is currently one of the most popular diets in the world. This is because certain Hollywood celebrities are following this diet and they claim that it really works. People seem to have reached their desired weight in just a few weeks.

If you’re looking to lose some extra pounds, the Perricone diet may be for you. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Perricone diet, including what to eat and what not to eat. Additionally, we’ll give you the key to reaching your desired results.

What is the Perricone diet?

The Perricone diet takes its name from the man who invented it, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a North American dermatologist. Initially, he wasn’t looking for an effective weight loss diet, rather, he was trying to create a nutrition plan to rejuvenate the skin.

In order to test his new found skin rejuvenating diet, he asked a selection of his patients to follow the diet. Surprisingly, the results were out of the ordinary because it didn’t only improve their skin, but also helped them to lose weight.

Additionally, Dr. Perricone argues that this diet can also help to regulate mood swings. Normally, starting a new diet is difficult because it can cause exhaustion. Consequently, many people give up on their new diets before reaching their desired results.

However, the Perricone diet can help to regulate mood swings and decrease feelings of hunger. And so, this diet is highly satiating, with five meals a day.

The star foods of the Perricone diet

And now that we know how the Perricone diet came about, we’ll talk about the main foods that we can consume on this diet. Additionally, we’ll also tell you which foods we shouldn’t consume at all in the Perricone diet. Following these simple tips is definitely the key to achieving your desired results.

The Perricone diet contains ten different food categories. These are:

  1. Plants and vegetables
  2. Foods rich in omega 3
  3. Whole cereals
  4. Spicy peppers and bell peppers
  5. Seeds
  6. Fruits that are high in fiber
  7. Probiotics
  8. Healthy fats
  9. Species
  10. Legumes
Eat legumes to lose weight on the Perricone diet

Forbidden foods

Similarly to other diets, the Perricone diet forbids certain foods from meals. First, let’s tackle the obvious ones: no fast food or precooked meals are allowed in this diet. Additionally, you can’t drink any alcoholic beverages while following the Perricone diet.

By consuming banned foods you’ll affect the results that you’re eagerly trying to achieve when you adopt this diet.

What’s more, sugary foods are also not allowed in this diet. And so, you cannot drink sodas or high sugar juices, and you need to eliminate candy, and prepackaged sauces, among others. The only type of sugar you can consume in the Perricone diet is the one that’s found naturally in foods.

Additionally, you should avoid pasta. Dr. Nicholas Perricone argued that eating pasta doesn’t actually make you feel full, it makes you become hungrier more quickly. Therefore, all types of pasta, bread, pizza, and pastries are banned.

Surprisingly, there are certain fruits and vegetables that you can’t eat in this diet. The most notorious ones are oranges, bananas, pumpkin, and potatoes.

Fish salad in the diet

Is it an effective weight loss diet?

As it’s common with weight loss diets, nutrition isn’t everything. The Perricone diet is not an exception to the rule, it needs to be complemented with other factors.

As it may seem obvious, the first factor that this diet needs to complement it is a regular and daily exercise routine. It’s enough to be active for just one hour a day, however, you want. You can go to the gym, exercise at home, run or cycle.

Additionally, it’s important to drink at least two litters of water throughout the day, as this helps to reduce hunger. Also, it’s good to drink plenty of water anyway to ensure that you stay hydrated. Thus, remember to always carry a bottle of water with you in order to do this.

The right combination of the Perricone diet and exercise, along with plenty of water, will make for an effective weight loss process. However, remember that these types of diets can only be followed for short periods of time because in the long term they may affect your health.

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