The Properties of Margarine

Margarine is considered the healthy alternative to butter, but let's look at the real advantages and disadvantages that it offers.
The Properties of Margarine

Last update: 20 October, 2018

In this article, we are going to tell you all about margarine. Surely you’ve heard more than once that it’s an unhealthy food? The truth is that a moderate consumption may not be that bad. Keep reading to learn about the properties of margarine.

What’s the difference between butter and margarine?

On many occasions we use butter and margarine indistinctly. They’re actually two different foods, but since we can use them to prepare the same dishes, we may think that they’re the same thing.

The main difference between butter and margarine is the product from which they’re made of. Butter consists primarily of animal fats, while margarine contains vegetable fats as its main ingredient. Regarding their properties, both of them are very similar. They both have a fat content that’s over 90 percent and they are laden with calories.

Margarine on a knife

Many people wonder which one is the healthier alternative. Most people believe that since margarine consists of vegetable fats, that one’s the healthier option. That’s not entirely true, because some types of margarine contain saturated fats. On the other hand, butter isn’t actually harmful for our health.

One thing’s clear, whether you eat butter or margarine, you must do so in small quantities. No matter which one you choose, they both have a high fat content and because of that, we don’t recommend eating them excessively.

The properties of margarine

It contains omega-3 and omega-6

Margarine contains both omega-3 and 6 in small amounts. This kind of fat is responsible for preventing blood clotting, so it has a fundamental role in our circulatory system.

It also regulates the levels of insulin in your body, which is why we recommend it for people who suffer from diabetes. It’s important to keep the levels of omega-3 and 6 in the right proportions to promote the well-being of our body.

Besides margarine, some other foods that are rich in omega-3 and 6 are: nuts, seeds and algae. Some types of fish are also rich in this healthy fat. As you can see, it’s very easy to eat foods rich in these healthy fats. You can do eat them for breakfast, dinner or eat them as snacks.

Rich in vitamins A and D

Even though we previously mentioned that margarine is rich in fats and that they’re the main ingredient, we can also find vitamins A and D.

Vitamin A is essential to maintain good bone and eye health. It also works in regenerating our cells and promotes the correct functioning of the membranes in our circulatory system.

On the other hand, vitamin D is essential for the proper absorption of phosphorus and iron. Therefore, it helps to prevent illnesses, such as anemia. And just like vitamin A, it’s important for the development and maintenance of our bones and teeth.

Piece of bread with margarine

But we can also find these vitamins in cod liver oil and in dairy products and its derivatives.

Limit its consumption

Even though margarine contains of healthy nutrients such as, vitamins A and D, omega-3 and 6, we shouldn’t eat it excessively. We must not forget that the base of this food is fats, and even though they come from vegetable sources, that doesn’t make it less harmful in large quantities.

Because of this, it’s important to limit the consumption of margarine, especially in those who are overweight or who suffer with obesity. Not limiting the consumption of margarine causes more fat to accumulate in our body. We don’t mean that it’s harmful and you should stop eating it, but you must use it in small amounts and moderately.

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