These Delicious Foods are Rich in Calcium

Do you think you're meeting your daily calcium needs? Review the following list of foods and see if you can add any and take advantage of their benefits.
These Delicious Foods are Rich in Calcium

Last update: 05 August, 2019

Calcium is one of the most essential nutrients for your health. Calcium is a mineral that’s important for several necessary functions in your body. Getting the right amount of calcium will allow you to carry out your daily activities and exercise more efficiently. In this article, discover which foods are rich in calcium!

There are plenty of foods rich in calcium

The following is a list of foods that many people consume daily but are actually very rich in calcium. Take a look so you can add even more of this important nutrient to your diet.

Dairy products: rich in calcium

Normally, dairy products are derived from raw milk, whether it’s fat-free milk, butter, or any other kind of product or preparation style. Dairy products may include:

  • Milk: one of the main sources of calcium, most people’s milk consumption begins when they breastfeed as babies. In addition to calcium, milk provides phosphorus and magnesium.
  • Cheese: made through the curdling of milk, there are many varieties of each culture.
  • Yogurt: obtained through the bacterial fermentation of milk, it has a delightfully sour taste that can be sweetened with fruit.
  • Butter: is the result of churning fat and milk to create a cream. Butter is a very good source of energy, so it’s particularly recommended for breakfast.
Dairy products are an unquestionable source of calcium, so start adding more of these ingredients to your breakfast!


Fish contains many essential and healthy nutrients. For example, fish helps promote good digestion, so it’s a great food to prepare for dinner, the meal closest to bedtime.

  • Sardines: are a small, oily bluefish. Sardines have a high concentration of calcium, in addition to protein.
  • Salmon: one of the most nutritious fish types, so it’s ideal for eating after strength training.
  • Anchovies: normally fried, grilled or marinated in vinegar, anchovies are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins.


Vegetables are an extraordinary source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Additionally, they contain plenty of water and antioxidants, which make them even more beneficial, especially for your skin.

Legumes are an unquestionable source of carbohydrates and are a part of a balanced diet. Additionally, they’re also a great source of fiber. Soy, chickpeas, beans, and lupins are the legumes with the greatest amount of calcium.

  • Lettuce: the number one food of everyday salads. It’s perfect when combined with other salad ingredients that provide additional nutrients.
  • Swiss chard: children hate this leafy green vegetable, but if they knew its health benefits, they’d love it from the very first day.
  • Spinach: efficient for skin and hair care, it also has benefits for asthma or diabetes.


Nuts make a great snack to eat between meals. In addition, you can even add nuts to your salads or other dishes. Among the most outstanding in terms of calcium content are almonds, hazelnuts, dried figs, and pistachios.

Even more foods rich in calcium


Algae are very rich in calcium, but you need to be careful. Some algae consumed in Asian countries are known for containing toxins.

  • Wakame: according to the data of traditional Chinese medicine, it’s a blood purifier.
  • Spirulina: an exceptional source of nutritional components, it contains eight of the essential amino acids.
  • Arame: besides being an incredible source of calcium, one serving of arame represents your entire recommended daily potassium intake.
The advantages of using oregano for meals are not limited to its flavor alone rich in calcium

Herbs and spices

It might come as a surprise, but the ingredients you use to flavor your dishes actually have unparalleled nutritional properties. Oregano, dill, and thyme stand out for their high calcium content.

Functions of calcium in the human body

One of the main functions of this nutrient is to help produce bone mass. However, it also provides help with the function of the nervous system, since this mineral is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses. In addition, calcium helps improve heart health by supporting a healthy heart rate.

Moreover, along with sodium, potassium, and magnesium, calcium is responsible for maintaining muscle tone and preventing physical fatigue. On the same token, calcium aids in muscle contraction and therefore helps the human body carry out physical activity.

Finally, calcium helps strengthen the bones as well as the teeth.

Where there’s a calcium balance, there are many health benefits

To conclude, you should try to stick to a diet rich in a variety of nutrients, without overdoing or lacking in any of them. Once you learn to control the number of vitamins or minerals that you consume daily, you’ll start seeing the benefits that a nutritious diet can have on your health.

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