13 Ways to Make Lifting Weight More Effective

Here you can find some tips to get the most out of your weightlifting routine; lifting weight with proper form and within the right time frame, can be truly beneficial. 
13 Ways to Make Lifting Weight More Effective

Last update: 11 October, 2018

Lifting weight requires a certain amount of commitment so as to achieve visible results in less time, and in order to maintain those results. In this article, we will give you the best tips, to help you get results.

How to make lifting weight more effective?

When we first start exercising at the gym, we’re highly motivated. We buy the proper clothes, we don’t miss a single day and we do everything that the instructor says. But after a couple of weeks we realize that lifting weight isn’t giving us the results we expected. How can we solve this issue? Take note of the following tips:

1. Don’t lose your time

It’s no use spending two hours at the gym, if you don’t do even complete half of the routine. Breaks are important, as long as they don’t last for too long. Therefore, a bit of socializing is okay, but don’t waste half an hour talking and not working out.

the importance of taking breaks

2. Control your technique

It’s not about doing more repetitions and sets, or about lifting more weight either. They key to getting better results is keeping proper form, even if takes you longer or you’re slower. Ask your instructor how to get the most out of each exercise and pay special attention to the specific movement. Don’t dismiss form, look at yourself in the mirror and focus.

3. Avoid the machines

In order for weight exercises to work, we advise that you use only barbells and plates (or dumbbells if you’re just starting out), since machines do a great part of the work for you.

4. Lift the proper amount of weight

It’s normal when starting out at the gym, to want to lift heavy weights. However, not only is it not possible, it’s also very risky. You could injure yourself and consequently, be unable to go to the gym for weeks and even months.

5. Combine your workout with cardio

If you want weight exercises to work, you must also burn fat. You can achieve this by doing cardio. Even if you don’t like to use the treadmill or the stationary bike, we recommend that you use them to warm up, or to end your session. You’ll gain much more resistance!

6. Get some rest

Wanting to work out every day is a good thing, but your body also needs to recover from the effort. If you want to go to the gym on a daily basis, you’ll have to switch up your routines in order to work different areas and muscles.

7. Find balance

Balance in your workout will give you amazing results. Why? Because it stimulates your muscles and demands strength. For example, you can use a Pilates stability ball or a ‘moving’ surface, in order to work on your balance. 

8. Remember to stretch out at the end

Another reason why lifting weight might not be working for you, is that once you’re done with your training, you take your stuff and leave. Stretching out at the end of your routine will help you to relax the worked areas, and it prevents injury. Don’t forget to do it!

9. Pay attention to your body

Your body gives you signs all the time and you must learn to read them. If lifting weight makes you feel pain in a specific area, stop doing it and talk to your instructor. It may be caused to not having proper form, or you may need medical help. Don’t ignore pain; it can cause severe injuries. 

10. Set realistic goals

You can’t expect to have Schwarzenegger muscles after just a couple days of lifting. Be realistic with your goals and celebrate each time you achieve something. By doing so, you’ll stay motivated.

girl lifting weights

11. Keep track

Progress can be measured in many ways, but it’s important to have a sheet where you take note of the exercises that you perform each week. This way, you’ll know how much you’ve improved.

12. Wear proper clothes

Both clothes and shoes are fundamental to exercise correctly. They’ll give you freedom to move and the protection that you need. You don’t need to spend a fortune: as long as they’re comfortable and appropriate, you’re good to go.

13. Look for a training partner

Lifting weights or doing any other routine alone can become boring and it might not motivate you. How about going to the gym with your significant other, a friend or a relative? You can also try to find a partner in the same place you’re training. It will make everything more exciting! 

With these 13 tips, you’ll get better results in less time, you’ll prevent injuries and you’ll stay motivated throughout!

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