Gym Classes That You Didn't Know About

If you have always wanted to attend a gym class, or maybe you just want to complement your current class with another one, read this article. You can learn all the different types of exercises classes that are available and how to practice them.
Gym Classes That You Didn't Know About

Last update: 24 August, 2018

Gyms have evolved over time and adapted their classes to the needs of today’s athletes. Gone are the aerobics classes, step, and other well-known classes. Today’s classes have other names and have mutated into something very different from what we have always known. We will tell you about some gym classes that you did not know about.

The new gym classes that you did not know about

There are many new collective classes with names that may not sound familiar. In fact, some gyms even invent their own classes with their own names, and make them a trend. Here are some classes that we have discovered and investigated.

Power jump

People doing power jump at the gym.

It’s also known in many gyms as jumping, and is an intense activity that will make you lose fat quickly while improving your balance, your resistance and toning your muscles.

It consists of jumping on a trampoline while doing a series of exercises. It’s an excellent way to improve your cardiopulmonary condition, while losing fat and having fun.


The name is difficult to pronounce, and the exercises are difficult too! Not to discourage you, but this activity is designed for those who are already very fit, who have lowered their fat levels to the minimum and who want to shape and tone their abdomen, obliques, and lower back.

It’s a class that is based on the practice of various ab exercises that will give you the abdomen and body that you have always dreamed of. Do you dare to try?

Bikram yoga

A very special type of yoga in, which for 90 minutes you will do a combination of 26 different positions, in an environment of 110 degrees Fahrenheit, with a 60 per cent humidity. Who wants to go to the Caribbean to go to the gym?

What is achieved through this high temperature exercise, is an internal dilation of the body, as well as an expansion of its fluids. This allows for a greater range of movements of the joints and muscles. Ready to work hard?

Body balance

Women doing body balance at the gym.

Many speak of the benefits of yoga, while others are more inclined towards Pilates. What if you could find an activity that brings together the best of both worlds?

In addition, some tai chi techniques are included. This union creates an incredible activity to improve flexibility, strength and body resistance.


It has different names, but unlike other group classes, this will take place (as a general rule) in the group fitness classroom of your gym. It consists of a class of about 30 minutes long in which high-intensity exercises of short duration are combined.

That is, you will put your body to the limit for 20 seconds, then let it rest for another ten. An excellent way to get fit, increase your resistance and of course, tone your entire body.

Body combat

Women doing body combat at the gym.

It’s possible that a few years ago you heard about aerobox? These classes are similar, but with the variation of a higher intensity. It’s an excellent way to burn fat, tone, improve balance and flexibility, and learn some self-defense tricks. What else can you ask for in one class?


If Zumba is fashionable, the Sh’Bam promises to outshine it shortly. Zumba is based on Latin dance, while Sh’Bam uses current dance hits, like the rhythms you dance to on a night out.

Just be careful, you could end up doing training on your night out, instead of dancing! It’s an activity of moderate intensity that will work the whole body and an ideal place to begin in the world of exercise.

There are dozens of classes in all gyms that you can choose from. Just think about what goals you want to achieve, and consider any previous training. Then choose the one that you think is best suited to you.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.