4 Tips to be Consistent with your Workouts

Do you find it hard to be consistent with your workouts? In this article, you'll find some recommendations to help you achieve the goals you set without losing motivation along the way.
4 Tips to be Consistent with your Workouts

Last update: 20 November, 2019

It’s usual to start working out with a lot of motivation and gradually lose it with the passage of time. If you don’t want to experience this problem, here are four tips to be consistent with your workouts. All of them are very simple, which is why you won’t have to make any efforts to follow them.

How to be consistent with your workouts

1. Define a goal table

The first thing you have to do before starting to work out is to define the goal you want to achieve. In this sense, it’s also important to set a timetable to know how much time it’ll take to reach your objectives.

You can normally reach a goal after several months. On the contrary, it may be a too simple goal, and it would be a good idea to aim for a more complex one.

On other occasions, we see the final goal as something far away and improbable. As the weeks pass, we perceive it as something too complicated and, as a consequence, we lose the motivation to maintain it. With the passage of time we stop working out and forget about this goal.

In order for this not to happen, the best option is to set short and medium-term goals. This way, we can evaluate ourselves throughout the process.

For example, if your goal is to run ten miles, you would first have to reach other goals such as running five or seven miles. That’s how you can keep your motivation throughout the process and ensure you reach the final goal.

2. Form a training group

You may find it silly, but training with other people is nothing like training by yourself. Many people prefer training on their own so they don’t have to adapt to the exercises and schedules of other people.

A woman training with a group of people to stay consistent with her workouts

With that being said, training individually is only recommended when the person has great motivation and a clear view of the desired goal.

However, most people that work out by themselves end up losing their motivation after a short time. That’s why the best option to be consistent with your workouts is to look for a group of people with similar needs. Knowing that they’re waiting for you at the gym, that you agreed to meet them at a certain time, or being afraid of letting them down, will ensure that you stay consistent and don’t lose motivation.

On top of that, the sports world is also a great environment to make friends. It’s filled with people that have a similar life philosophy to the one you have; they’ll probably think in the same way as you about sports and ways to enjoy their free time. If you form a training group, you’ll surely end up forming a group of friends as well.

3. Compete to keep your motivation

Competitions are the best way to measure ourselves, surpass our own limits and keep our motivation. By preparing for different tests, you’ll manage to be consistent with your workouts and reach the goals you set for yourself.

Competing doesn’t mean you have to perform at the highest levels. It’s enough to participate in popular races or any local competition. You don’t have to be the best athlete or maximize your performance. It’s simply a source of motivation to help you remain consistent with your workouts.

At the same time, you’ll be able to know what your physical condition is in order to adapt your training routines. Keep this in mind: it’s worth paying attention to the different sports events that take place near you.

A woman running in a marathon to stay consistent with her workouts

4. Follow a schedule to be consistent with your workouts

Following a stable schedule will help you to incorporate your workouts in your everyday life. Having a routine is the key to be consistent with your workouts. There’s no specific time in which you have to work out; it all depends on your own needs. The first thing you have to do is know your body and energy levels throughout the day.

Some people find that they’re more active during the morning; on the contrary, other people prefer to work out late in the afternoon. When creating a workout schedule, take into consideration your job and other activities that you have to do.

Once you have a set schedule, the only thing left is to put it into practice. You may find it hard to adapt at first, but eventually, it’ll become a part of your routine, and you’ll do it automatically.

Finally, we recommend that you always work out under the supervision of a professional. You’ll definitely find one at your gym of choice. They’ll tell you how many days you have to work out, and the types of exercises that best adjust to your needs and goals.

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