The Best Exercises for your Personality

Depending on the type of personality you have, the kind of exercise you should do might be different. Did you know about this strange connection? Here are the best exercises for your personality. 
The Best Exercises for your Personality

Last update: 13 September, 2019

Do you know the best way to exercise and not give up? Choose the best exercises for your personality type so your workout can line up better with your lifestyle. In this article, find out which types of exercises or disciplines you should choose depending on what you’re like and how you live and think.

Do the best exercises for your personality type

“Tell me what you’re like and I’ll tell what exercise suits you” could be a very accurate summary of what we are going to tell you next. Clearly, not everyone is suited to every type of exercise or workout discipline. It all depends on what you are like as a person, what you do enjoy doing and what you don’t enjoy doing.

Depending on the personality type you have, you can choose the ideal physical activity for you. For some, it’s better to work out alone, while for others it’s more fun if there’s music. In addition, there are also those people who like to get a group together to work out.

1. Best exercises for your personality: outgoing

Perhaps you like to be surrounded by people, have many friends and go for a drink or get together with your colleagues outside the gym when you finish exercising. If that’s the case, we recommend you try quite ‘fun’ activities, if you can call it that!

For example, fun and playful exercises and activities may include Zumba or any other type of dance. You may also want to consider trying aerobics or gymnastics.

2. Best exercises for your personality: introvert

This personality type is quite the opposite of the above: you prefer to be alone and you enjoy time by yourself or in situations where no one is paying attention to you.

In this case, we recommend that you exercise at home (with a workout video or an application on your phone), or even go jogging at the park, with some good music as your only company.

3. Calm personality

This type of personality goes very well with relaxing activities such as yoga, Pilates, swimming or Tai Chi. While these types of exercises may not be the best options for losing weight or increasing muscle mass, the truth is that they’re disciplines that require a lot of strength, flexibility, and effort.

They’re also perfect for people who can concentrate and focus on their tasks. However, these activities can also be very beneficial for those who need to reduce stress and day to day worries.

Pilates exercise, the saw best exercises for your personality

4. Dynamic personality

If you’re someone who is easily bored, who likes challenges and who loves creativity, you’re better off practicing exercises such as HIIT, Crossfit or Tabata. With these disciplines, no two sessions are alike!

Another option is to sign up at a gym that has a fairly diverse activity schedule. This way, you can ‘jump’ from class to class so that each day and each workout is unique and exciting.

5. Best exercises for your personality: more traditional

Perhaps you’re not a big fan of changes in your routine, you don’t like a different teacher from the one you already know, and you’re a little bit afraid of the new machines at the gym?

Don’t worry: there are exercises for your personality type. You might want to choose an exercise bike, treadmill or elliptical or follow a weight training routine that doesn’t vary too much.

Beyond this, you should keep in mind that, if you always do the same exercises, the muscles will become used to it and it’ll be difficult to get good results. Try to encourage yourself to make small adjustments or changes in your routine.

6. Disciplined personality

Are you someone who likes to plan the week in advance, leaves nothing to chance and wants to have everything under control? If so, we recommend that you choose a high-intensity and highly functional workout program or some type of military-style training.

Examples of this can include CrossFit or intense weight training sessions in the gym.

7. Nervous or anxious

This isn’t a personality type in itself, but rather a (hopefully temporary) circumstance caused by the current pace of life. If this is your case, we advise you to opt for disciplines that allow you to release tension and become tired enough so you’ll sleep well at night, and strengthen your immune system.

There are dozens of classes in gyms that you can opt for, such as the Body Combat.

If this sounds like you, try disciplines such as Body Combat, boxing or even martial arts. The latter will give you self-control, discipline and help you balance out both mentally and physically.

8. Morning person

For those who love to wake up early and have their batteries recharged bright and early in the morning, running before breakfast can be an excellent option. Another alternative is to take advantage of going to the gym as soon as it opens to train in silence.

9. Night owl

If, on the contrary, you usually wake up late or if you’re not very productive in the mornings, it’s a good idea to exercise only in the afternoon. However, don’t wait too long or exercise after sunset because this will prevent you from getting to sleep and resting properly.

As you can see, you’re more likely to stick to a workout if you’re doing the best exercises for your personality type.

In other words, the best way to continue moving towards your fitness goals is by not forcing yourself to do something that really doesn’t fit with your personality or lifestyle. Instead, choose a workout that’s better suited to you and your personality.

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