4 Tips to Reduce Belly Fat

Our belly grows because of excess fat or gases. Maintaining a tummy that matches the rest of our body is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also of health.
4 Tips to Reduce Belly Fat

Last update: 21 August, 2018

We usually refer to the abdominal area of our body as the “belly”, in some cases, this area can be a little bit bulky. Sometimes, our belly stands out and becomes an eye-catching part of our body. This can even become a problem when it comes to trying on clothes, moving and feeling good with our body.

Therefore, the task of reducing belly fat is a commitment to our well-being, which will have an effect on the way we look. So be prepared to incorporate the next tips into your routine to achieve a flat and healthy belly!

The organic diet

Often, there are foods in our diet that are harmful to our body. For example: processed and fried foods. These foods, besides having a high content of carbohydrates, sugars and dyes, promote weight gain and cholesterol. In addition, they’re heavy and our body has a hard time processing them, which can also cause reflux and gas.

That’s why it’s better to avoid processed food at all costs. The potential benefits that we could get from this food type are irrelevant in comparison to the damage that they cause in our bodies. Instead, it’s much better to incorporate organic food into our diet. Organic food is healthier and it can help you to lose belly fat. If you want to learn a little bit more about how to loose belly fat from certain foods, click here.

Detox waters

An additional tip to maintain a good diet, is to drink detox water. Detox waters, as their name indicates, detoxify our organs and bring other benefits, such as eliminating fluid retention, accelerating our metabolism and some can even be an excellent source of fiber.

To make detox water you just have to put water and the fruits of your choice in a container. You can also make smoothies, but the advantage of detox water is that you can drink it instead of regular water, and this way you’ll be consistent. There are many variations of detox water but those that reduce belly fat, are the following:

  • Lemon and cucumber: lemon is an aid for fat loss, and cucumber promotes kidney cleansing because it contains a lot of water. It also reinforces our immune system and eliminates long-term acne!
  • Chia: chia seeds contain large amounts of fiber and protein. You can mix them with just water or add whatever fruit you prefer.
  • Pineapple: pineapple has an anti-inflammatory action, therefore it’s excellent at reducing belly fat because it helps to get rid of swelling.


Dance, jump, run, move! Do cardio! To reduce belly fat, the most popular opinion is that you should do sit-ups. This is effective, but the real secret to reducing belly fat is by doing cardio.

Cardio burns fat and reaffirms muscle tissues. This way, cardiovascular exercise is responsible for burning the fat you consume in certain foods. This prevents fat from accumulating on your belly, and making it look bulkier.

Girl running at the gym.

There are many varieties of cardiovascular exercises. Some examples are jogging, walking and rope jumping. If you want something more elaborate and fun you can try Zumba, HIIT or spinning. The important thing is that you do cardiovascular activity at least twice a week to successfully reduce belly fat.

Zero stress

Although it seems that stress has nothing to do with our belly fat, there’s a small link between them both. This link is the cortisol hormone. This hormone is released when you’re under high levels of stress. Cortisol increases your blood sugar levels, and helps to process fats. Therefore, high cortisol levels are harmful, since they increase the amount of fat in our body.

So, if stress is always present in your lifestyle, you now have reasons to relax, drink some lemon water and not allow any negative effects, both physical and mental. It should be noted that this is very important, because you can do a lot of things to reduce belly fat, but if you are under stress, it’s as if everything you do is in vain.

No tight clothes

Avoid using tight clothes, including girdles. Tight clothing is very bad when you want to reduce belly fat, because it makes your skin tissue very tight, leading to poor circulation. When there’s poor circulation, tissues condense fat and they become much more prone to having cellulite.

At first glance, a girdle can shape your body and hide your belly, but that’s all they do, hide it. So before having an even bulkier belly that’s also full of cellulite, avoiding tight clothing is for the best.

Girl working out with her arms in the air

On the other hand, keeping your belly tight while walking is a great alternative. Do not confuse tucking in your belly with clenching the muscles and holding your breath. You just have to focus your energy on your abdomen. If you do this when you walk or when you train, you’ll see how, gradually your belly starts to shrink.

The best thing to do is to look after the well-being of our bodies in general, when we’re physically healthy it reflects in the way we look. In addition, there’s nothing easier and more enjoyable than healthy eating, exercising and being at peace. Get rid of your belly fat with these simple tips that will make you feel better.

With these tips you’ll get rid of abdominal fat and you’ll have a healthy body. Try to turn these tips into habits. This doesn’t have to be something that you do sporadically. This way, you’ll notice changes in your belly size and other parts of your body will also improve.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.