5 Best Ways to Do an ABT Workout at Home

For those people who wish to workout at home, the following list of exercises is ideal for an ABT workout. It allows you to workout at any time and with the intensity you want.
5 Best Ways to Do an ABT Workout at Home

Last update: 25 August, 2018

ABT is a type of fitness designed to strengthen the muscles of the lower part of the body: glutes, abs, and thighs. In addition to strengthening these three zones, the benefits are numerous.

The first thing you should know is that the exercises are carried out mainly with the body’s own weight, standing and on the floor. In addition, this type of training is available for all people. Young and old, everyone can do it, but it’s always necessary to take into account your own physical capacity during group sessions.

One of its benefits is that you can even do the ABT exercises at home. In fact, with a frequency of three sessions per week, you will enjoy convincing results quickly.

Also, you should know that an ABT workout lasts an average of 30 to 45 minutes. The benefits of this type of activity are more or less obvious: strengthening of the muscles of the lower part of the body, but also of the arms, lumbar and pectoral areas, among others. Therefore, we will tell you the best ways to do an ABT workout at home.

5 best ways to do an ABT workout at home

Having a flat belly, firm thighs and a great butt is possible with ABT exercises. Of course, you should keep in mind that ABT sessions are usually done on the ground. In this sense, it’s necessary to wear comfortable sportswear, although shoes aren’t especially necessary.

Now that you know the basics to get started, we tell you the best ways to do an ABT workout at home below:


The first exercise that we suggest as part your ABT workout at home is the squat. Through this simple training, you will tone the thighs in general, and at the level of the adductors, of course, but also of the quadriceps and buttocks. It’s also ideal to eliminate cellulite.

Woman doing ABT workout: squats

To carry it out, you must stand with your feet apart and facing outwards, in addition to bending your legs with your heels, so that you can place your thighs parallel to the ground.

Don’t forget to keep your back straight throughout the exercise. It’s recommended to do this movement for about 20 repetitions.

2.-Standing leg raise

It’s a very simple exercise to strengthen your legs while raising your heels. To carry it out, you must stand with your feet at shoulder height.

You must keep one leg straight and the other bent backward. Lift your heels off of the ground while stretching your feet to raise your body, while supporting yourself on your toes.

Woman doing an ABT workout with a chair

It’s important that your back is straight and that your body is elevated, due to foot flexion or elevation of the heels.

3.-Side plank

Resting on your elbow and knee, you must align your thigh, pelvis, and back, and keep your pelvis high by contracting the oblique abdominals, throughout this exercise.

For the buttocks, stretch the upper part of the leg and make small movements from top to bottom. Don’t hold your breath. Remember to inhale and exhale deeply.

Woman doing ABT workout: side plank

Do this exercise until your abs and buttocks begin to really warm up, then take a break. If you want to add more difficulty, you can perform this movement with your legs stretched out.

4.-Reverse leg lift

This exercise works the abs, glutes, and thighs to reduce fat and strengthen the muscles. To begin, you must get on all fours. Then, put your forearms on the ground and lift one leg up high behind you.

Woman doing an ABT workout outdoors: reverse leg lift.

Alternatively, perform the leg extensions backward. Be careful not to raise your leg too much to protect your back. Do 15 repetitions with each leg.

5.-Reverse bridge

The last exercise to do an ABT workout at home is the reverse bridge. It’s a movement that will help you to strengthen your glutes and abs. In addition, it’s quite simple to do and, therefore, it’s ideal for beginners.

Begin this movement lying on your back, with your legs bent, your feet about eight inches from your buttocks and your shoulders apart.

Next, move your pelvis until your thighs, pelvis, and trunk are aligned. Contract your abs and your glutes. Hold the position for a few seconds and do 20 repetitions.

Finally, remember that doing an ABT workout at home is ideal to avoid muscle aches and will help you to get fit. Don’t forget that the sessions should be relatively intense, so try to be active at all times between your sets of exercises.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.