9 Destinations to go Canyoning

While Spain is home to the majority of canyoning destinations, others are found throughout Europe and Argentina. Let's take a look at nine destinations to go canyoning!
9 Destinations to go Canyoning

Last update: 07 July, 2020

This adventure sport is practiced in river gorges and canyons, with the goal of getting over different natural obstacles. Want to know some of the best canyoning destinations in the world? We’ll let you know in this article!

The nine most impressive canyoning destinations

In canyoning, you can walk, climb, repel, swim, and jump. The difficulty varies from very easy to extremely difficult. Spain is one of the countries in the world where the sport is most popular, although there are other enticing destinations:

1. Sierra de Guara (Spain)

Located in Huesca, or to be more specific in the Prepirineos, this mountain range is formed of different limestone formations. Canyoners meet in the Guara Sierra and Canyons Natural Park to enjoy over 200 canyons in only 50 square kilometers.

2. Destinations to go canyoning: Interlaken (Switzerland)

While not only being one of the prettiest places in Europe to go canyoning, Interlaken is also an ideal spot for other extreme adventure sports. This Swiss community in the Berna canton is snuggled right up in the Alps, and each summer the high, narrow gorges of its river attract thousands of tourists and canyoning excursions.


Interlaken, Switzerland is one of the best places to go canyoning


3. Peneda Geres National Park (Portugal)

The only National Park in Portugal! Located in the North of Portugal, where you can enjoy canyoning as in no other place. Canyoners’ favorites are the canyons of Arado and Calcerenha, as well as the descents of Fafiao and Conho. In addition to repelling, here you can also canoe, climb, or take advantage of different bike trails.

4. Jerte Valley (Spain)

Located in Extremadura, sandwiched between two mountain ranges of “Gredos Massif,” Valle del Jerte is one of the most popular canyoning destinations in Spain. With a granite bed, the Jerte river is the main river current in the area. Moreover, it runs for over 40 miles before it empties into the Alagon tributary of the Tajo.

5. Destinations to go canyoning: Lake Garda (Italy)

Close to Milan and Verona, Lake Garda is a beautiful place for canyoning of all levels. What’s more, it’s ideal for experts as well as for those trying out their first steps and jumps in the sport.

Beginners should go for Brentino Torrent, with repelling and jumps of up to five meters, while the more experienced might prefer Tuffone Torrent, whose jumps reach up to 15 meters.

6. Pedra Branca (Madeira)

The island of Madeira is known for all types of extreme sports, canyoning being one of them, thanks to the volcanic geography of the zone.

“Wall lovers” should try out Pedra Branca, Hortela Superior, Ribeira Funda, Paul do Inferno, and Passo Inferior for truly unforgettable experiences. The descents can reach up to 50 meters and the waterfalls “crash” against lush vegetation.

7. Destinations to go canyoning: Otztal Valley (Austria)

In the middle of Austria, we come across one of the canyoning lovers’ most beloved spots. Auerklamm, in Haiming, is the most famous of the Otztal Valley’s locations, thanks to its natural canyons and walls from which you can climb and jump.

8. Chimoche Arches (Spain)

Yet another Spanish destination, but this time located off the peninsula! The Arches of Chimoche, located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, are home to impressive domes and caves that have been formed over time because of water eroding the rock. On the very same island, head to Los Carrizales to do some repelling! 10/10 recommended!

For these types of descents, it's best to carry the minimum amount of equipment


9. Arroyo de la Virgen (Argentina)

You can also canyon outside of Europe! The Argentinian Patagonia is one of your best bets, and one of their top options is the Arroyo de la Virgen in Bariloche.

With jumps from natural trampolines, hikes above rocks, climbing in deep wells in the river, and waterfall repelling, it’s the perfect spot for an adventure vacation. You can’t miss it!

Finally, some other canyoning destinations in Spain that we can’t fail to mention: Barranco de la Peonera in Aragon, Barranco de Somosierra in Madrid, Barranco de Poyatos in Cuenca, Barranco de Rio Verde in Andalucia, and Barranco de la Garganga de Gavilanes in Avila.

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