An Athlete's Skin Hydration

Skin hydration is one factor that isn't always considered during the planning process of sports. Ensuring that the most extensive organ doesn't suffer the ravages of physical activity demands basic rules of mandatory compliance.
An Athlete's Skin Hydration

Last update: 08 March, 2019

Playing sports on a regular basis provides enormous benefits to the body. However, in order for the body to respond in the best way possible way and to reduce the risk of injury, there are always measures that we need to consider. One of these is skin hydration.

Hydration underneath the skin

Not only the skin, but the whole body as an integral unit requires optimal fluid levels to function properly. Therefore, ingesting liquids regularly, preferably water in abundance, is a vital factor. Your body will always require water before, during, and after exercise.

Excessive sweating

A large number of toxins are released through perspiration. Its presence is synonymous with the fact that physical work is being performed. Although sweat purges the skin, the loss of fluids can lead to episodes of dryness and irritation. 

Additionally, part of the protective layer that works against the effects of sun rays and other external agents, is lost along with the water we expel.

Loss of fluids can lead to episodes of dryness and irritation. 

In any case, the idea is not to regulate or diminish the flow of sweat that the body discharges. On the contrary, we should facilitate this action as much as possible. A good option is to resort to exfoliation, a process that allows the pores to stay clean and eliminate dead cells. It also tones the epidermis and improves oxygenation levels.

Balanced diet

This is another point of great interest, especially when referring to sports and regular physical activity. There are foods with very useful properties that protect or facilitate skin regeneration. Furthermore, they provide liquids and help avoid dehydration.

The list of foods that provide benefits we can feel directly on our dermis include citrus fruits, such as grapefruit, lemon, and orange. Besides providing water, they contain vitamin C in abundance.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that intervenes directly in the formation of collagen, which is a vial protein that gives the skin strength and elasticity. Kiwi is another fruit that’s rich in this element and also prevents constipation. This allows the intestine to fulfill the task of eliminating toxins from the body.

Skin hydration from outside

There are several external factors that can affect skin hydration in athletes. There are elements whose damaging actions become more noticeable when it comes to outdoor activities. Radiation is the most evident, therefore, whenever we exercise under the sun’s rays, we should apply the appropriate sunscreen.

Sunscreen is essential when exercising under the sun.

Other environmental elements that can affect the dermis are the wind and extreme temperatures. Being really cold generates a state of almost automatic dryness in unprotected areas. With heat, the rate at which we sweat becomes higher.

One way to reduce damage from adverse weather is to wear the right kind of clothing, which will depend on the sport and weather conditions.

An important piece of advice, as far as the sun is concerned, is the following: carrying out activities in sunlight, on the beach during summer, and fully baring your torso, will expose more areas of the body to the direct action of sunlight.

Lots of water can dehydrate

The showers that most athletes tend to constantly have is another factor that hinders skin hydration. Hence, it’s always important to have topical creams or moisturizing oils to apply after leaving the bathroom.

Frequent swimmers face difficulties too. Those who swim in pools must also deal with an ingredient that increases the levels of skin dryness dramatically: chlorine. On the other hand, people who immerse themselves in the sea have to face high levels of water salinity.

Don’t forget your hair

Your hair also suffers the rigors of exercise, as well as the scalp. Care is very important to keep the hair hydrated and protected. It’s a good idea to wear hats or caps, whenever possible while you’re outdoors and under the full sun.

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