Common Mistakes When Starting out at the Gym

Deciding to start working out at a gym can be the beginning of a lifelong love affair with exercise. However, much of this depends on avoiding common mistakes during your initial experience. In order to ensure that you'll have no problem going to the gym, you need to apply patience and dedication.
Common Mistakes When Starting out at the Gym

Last update: 17 February, 2019

When starting a new activity, it’s likely we’ll make a few beginner’s mistakes. To err is human and there’s always a learning curve. However, just as you can benefit from advice from people you trust in everyday life, with this post we’d like to help you avoid some common mistakes that people make when starting out at the gym.

Making mistakes at the gym isn’t a reason to be discouraged. In some cases, an error can lead to an injury or broken bone. For this reason, we recommend informing yourself regarding some things you should try to prevent and avoid. In addition, failing to avoid these common mistakes can even slow your progress in terms of fitness.

There are certain aspects of going to the gym that no one tells you about, and it’s a shame to have to learn through trial and error. But don’t worry – we’ll tell you how to avoid some common mistakes so that you can enjoy the best possible gym experience.

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Common mistakes: don’t underestimate the importance of technique

Gyms are filled with all kinds of people, many of whom will try to give you advice or recommendations. It’s important to emphasize that you need to do what your trainer tells you. In other words, don’t listen to advice from people who aren’t professionals. These “tips” can often be misguided notions that they’ve adopted because no one has ever corrected them. They don’t even know they’re doing things the wrong way.

Techniques are an important part of any kind of exercise, whether it involves a machine or not. This is why you need to follow your trainer’s instructions to the letter. Correct exercise techniques will ensure that you don’t injure yourself or suffer from aches and pains. So, don’t follow the lead from other people who don’t have professional expertise.

Don’t get overwhelmed

You may show up at the gym with outsized expectations. You’ll have ideas about how to approach losing weight, building muscle and changing your lifestyle. In addition, you’ll be dealing with comments from others such as, “you’ve been going to the gym for a month, but you look exactly the same!” This can be hard to overcome, so it’s important to go to the gym with the best possible attitude, refusing to let outside factors discourage you.

Common mistakes when starting out at the gym also include mental and motivational errors. This is why it’s a good idea to break things down into smaller goals. Working out isn’t as simple as it looks. When you start out, you’ll become tired and want to throw in the towel because you thought it’d be easier. So, it’s vital that you maintain your focus and motivation without comparing yourself to others.

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Don’t skip the warm-up

This can be a huge mistake. Warming up is a necessary part of your pre-workout routine. It doesn’t matter if you’re running late or feeling lazy. You should not skip your warmup under any circumstance. Why is it so important? Because it’s what prepares your body for a high-impact workout session. Failing to warm up means running the risk of muscle tension, cramping, and even injury.

Be consistent

Given that they’re not used to going to the gym regularly, beginners often falter. The idea that “I’ll just skip today because I have a lot to do,” can become a snowball that leads to other excuses. Skipping the gym due to lack of time, laziness, or having something else to do is a form of inconsistency that will affect your performance. You need to commit yourself in order to see results.

Don’t overexert yourself

When starting at the gym, it’s not unusual to bring a lot of unbridled energy. This is a positive sign, but it can lead people to overexert themselves. Overtraining can be harmful to your muscles. Not only will you not build muscle, but you’ll also wear out sooner and this will lead to pain.

Have a routine

Having a routine or workout plan should be a priority when going to the gym. As a beginner, you’ll be wandering around not knowing what to do if you don’t have a plan. In addition, working out randomly is not beneficial. There are workout plans that vary your weekly routines and are designed to exercise the different areas of the body.

Keep these things in mind when starting out at the gym. This way, you’ll enjoy yourself and have a better overall experience. In addition, you’ll save yourself some bad experiences and even injuries that result from common mistakes beginners make. So now you know! Avoid these mistakes and you’ll do great!

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