4 CrossFit Exercises to do at Home

If you're a fan of CrossFit, don't miss this article! We'll show you how you can perform many of these exercises at home.
4 CrossFit Exercises to do at Home

Last update: 06 August, 2020

CrossFit has been quite popular for a while within a group of people. The main characteristic of CrossFit exercises is that they’re highly intense. The main goal of this is the improvement of different physical capacities. It’s important to mention that many of them are accompanied by objects used as external stimuli for the body.

The name of this discipline is due to the trademark Greg Glassman registered in the 1970s. This fitness regimen has existed for many years. However, it’s gained a lot of popularity within the last ten years.

In common terms, CrossFit is practiced in various environments with different objects and the company of an instructor. However, it’s possible to perform some exercises in the comfort of your own home. Keep reading to learn more!

CrossFit exercises to do at home

In CrossFit gyms, there are objects (also called boxes) that aren’t entirely conventional. For example, fixed bars or ropes hanging from the ceiling. It’s pretty likely you don’t have either at home.

However, it’s still possible to do CrossFit exercises at home. All you have to do is choose the ones you can adapt to your space in order to be able to do them without any problem. Here are the ones that offer this possibility:

Reverse burpees

Burpees are very popular in CrossFit. Luckily, the only thing you need to carry them out is your body and motivation. Of course, you’ll need comfortable clothing!

To perform reverse burpees, you must stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. After that, do a squat, but instead of supporting your hands as you would in a normal burpee, you must fall backward.

A woman doing burpees in a mountain.

Once you’re lying in the dorsal decubitus position (face up), return forward with the impulse of your body and stand up to finish with a full extension and a jump, just as a normal burpee.

For the triceps

You’ll only need a chair or a wall that’s not too high to do this exercise. CrossFit routines usually include this type of exercise, and the best part is that you can do it at home with no issues.

The initial position requires resting the palms of your hands on a base of your choice. Then, place your arms close to your torso in semi-flexion. Also, your legs must be extended and get support from the heels.

A woman exercising her triceps.

After adopting this position, lower your body until your arms are resting at 90 degrees. Furthermore, your buttocks must not touch the ground. Finally, slowly go up to the starting position – you’ll feel the effort made by the triceps!


These are incredibly popular when it comes to CrossFit exercises. Strides are great in order to work the muscles that make up the lower extremities since it favors the quadriceps and glutes. Also, you can perform them with or without dumbbells – it all depends on the level of intensity you want/like.

The first thing you must do is to stand with your legs slightly apart, and then step forward.

A woman doing strides in the park.

From there, do a flexion leaving the back leg fixed but don’t let your knee touch the floor. When ascending, change your leg with a jump or in a static way to repeat the movement again.


Not only are push-ups great CrossFit exercises, but they’re also great in the world of physical exercise in general. For this reason, we truly recommend them. In addition, push-ups usually have different variations, which is one more reason to do them from the comfort of your home. Let’s see some of them.

  • Diamond push-ups: support your body with your hands, which should be in a diamond position. Your thumbs and fingers must remain under your chest.
A man doing diamond push-ups, one of the greatest CrossFit exercises.
  • Handstand push-ups: to carry out this exercise, we recommend you do a handstand against a wall. The difficulty of this flexion lies in having the arm and shoulder muscles well strengthened to avoid injury.
Two men doing a handstand against a wall.
  • Spartan push-ups: this is done with the support of the hands in an asymmetrical manner; one above the head and the other closer to the body. The position of the hand changes with each flexion.
A man doing Spartan push-ups, one of the most popular CrossFit exercises.

Performing CrossFit exercises at home

Many CrossFit exercises are a relevant alternative when coming up with a physical exercise routine. It’s important to note that some of these exercises require strong muscle groups. Therefore, it’s necessary to go step by step. Enjoy training in your own home!

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