How to Emphasize Hypertrophy in CrossFit

CrossFit training combines a lot of routines with different intensity levels. In this article, we'll tell you if it's possible to use this type of exercise to increase muscle mass, also known as hypertrophy.
How to Emphasize Hypertrophy in CrossFit

Last update: 04 November, 2019

All you need is a few combinations in order to emphasize hypertrophy in CrossFit training. And so, it’s a matter of a simple procedure that will give you plenty of benefits. CrossFit is a sport that mixes different movements at a high intensity.

CrossFit is quite an effective discipline to grow muscle mass or emphasize hypertrophy. It implies a high muscular and cardiovascular resistance, as well as agility, balance, flexibility, coordination, precision, and speed.

This discipline combines metabolic training elements, as well as gymnastics and weight lifting. For example, it includes deadlifts and squats, mixed with intense core muscle workouts. Also, kettlebell weights, medicine balls, and sandbags are other elements used in this discipline.

How to emphasize hypertrophy in CrossFit training?

The amount of training in a specific time works the whole body and allows you to emphasize hypertrophy. Just three days a week, less than 70 minutes per session and 48-hour resting periods in between, will help you reach your goal. And so, the big secret here is the appropriate resting period.

Ideally, you should perform between 6 and 10 repetitions of basic strength exercises at an intensity of 85 percent. Additionally, you shouldn’t exceed 20 series in the complete training session. The difference between this training and others is the speed and the maximum contraction of the muscles.

You can emphasize hypertrophy with CrossFit easily

With a 7-station circuit with squats, rings, kettlebell lifting or pull-ups, you can emphasize hypertrophy. However, you’ll only achieve your goal if you follow the pattern of series, repetitions, frequency, intensity, and rest.

Planning is the best strategy

You must have a training notebook, where you’ll record the exercises and corresponding weights. This way, we can start increasing the weight progressively. We also recommend keeping a record of the training frequency.

Planning is quite important to emphasize hypertrophy, gradually increasing the intensity. Thus, it’s essential to have a clear objective, it should include basic, auxiliary, complementary, and dynamic exercises.

Our genes are something to keep in mind, as well as the predominant muscle fiber type. This, in turn, will allow you to identify if your methods are efficient for achieving muscle mass. With this, you’ll also see if you’re training according to the muscle fibers.

Avoid aerobic exercises frequently and constantly, because you can lose muscle this way. Additionally, you shouldn’t try to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. The exercises needed for this aren’t compatible, choose one and plan accordingly.

Metabolic stress

Metabolic stress happens when we train more and rest for less time. Thereby, generating cytokines that activate cells in the muscular fibers.

Additionally, it’s important to control series according to the right time to spend on each. Consequently, it’ll be that extended exposure that will help emphasize hypertrophy. Muscle growth happens when the muscle tears, forcing the cells to multiply and repair the damage.

Advanced hypertrophy techniques

Under normal conditions, someone can gain up to five pounds of muscle in just about 12 weeks. Many things influence this process, such as genetics, nutrition, training quality, adherence, and capacity to recover.

When the body adapts to the training exercises, we recommend changing the technique. Thus, a good trick is to try out eccentric training exercises that emphasize hypertrophy and improve performance.

In order to do this, we start lifting 20 percent of the weight, slowly increasing it to 50 percent. This increases the fatigue in the muscles.

CrossFit can help emphasize ypertrophy

Forced repetitions include the use of more weight and more than the usual series. Therefore, this will increase metabolic stress and lactic acid. On the other hand, descending series implies lowering the weight by 50 percent when finishing a series, and then repeating.

Important recommendations to emphasize hypertrophy

We recommend pausing these series when you aren’t able to perform them correctly. Likewise, it’s important to sleep for at least 8 hours a night, relax, enjoy, and eat a balanced diet. This last one is quite important as nutrition will help your body recover the stress in the training.

CrossFit training is a great tool to emphasize muscle growth, and it’s not as complicated as you may think. All it really takes is planning and dedication in order to reach your body image objectives. Therefore, with enough work, rest, and a healthy diet we are sure you’ll get closer to your objective.

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