Develop Your Glutes Quickly with 5 Essential Exercises

The lower muscles have an important influence on the aesthetic figure of men and women. There are many exercises that can serve to fight against flaccidity and cellulite and can also help us gain the right volume and shape.
Develop Your Glutes Quickly with 5 Essential Exercises

Last update: 25 April, 2019

The buttocks are an area of great aesthetic importance for women and also for men. Its development is necessary to balance the figure of both genders. Therefore, it’s always positive to take this advice into account: develop your glutes with appropriate exercises.

Human genetics help some people, and the accumulation of fat is uncomfortable for others. People with ectomorph bodies have a hard time developing volume, while others struggle with cellulite and flaccidity. Undoubtedly, both dispositions can be corrected by training.

For all cases, we’ll now present the most important exercises for developing the glutes. Including these routines in our training or doing them at home will generate very good results. These will be seen progressively, of course, and never from one day to the next.

Squats can never be absent

The main function of squats is the direct strengthening of the quadriceps. However, the logic of its movement implies an intense effort from the back part of this muscle group. Indeed, this exercise can’t be lacking if we want to work the lower part of the body.

The workout is certainly much more effective when we add weights. To do this, the most viable option is to work with a bar and disks. You place these behind your back, although there’s also a frontal posture. There’s the option of the sumo squat as well.

Squats are a great exercise.

Deadlift: develop your glutes with trunk support

When it comes to the buttocks, little is said of the trunk as support. Executing the deadlift is a phenomenal workout, but it’s necessary to clarify that it involves the legs less than the torso. Basically, while standing, we go up and down holding a bar with weight.

Bending the hip while maintaining a firm position motivates us to work several muscle groups in the central area. The effect of this exercise generates mostly towards the lower part of the buttocks. Therefore, this movement can be very favorable for toning.

The deadlift is a phenomenal workout

Glute kickback: the new holy grail of the derriere

This movement is becoming increasingly more important among women who attend gyms. Professional trainers now incorporate the glute kickback as a central part in the conditioning of this area. As the name implies, the basis of the movement is to kick back.

A partially leaning position with arm support is essential for its effectiveness. To increase the weight, people usually attach a strap to their ankles. The best thing about this exercise is that, in addition to stimulating the back side of the extremities, it also generates an impact on the abdominal muscles.

Glute kickbacks are more effective with weights.

Bridge: develop your glutes with this excellent exercise

Current gym practices call for specialized training of the buttocks. With that in mind, some exercises that seemed less important have acquired a leading role in the training routine. One of those is, precisely, the glute bridge.

To do it, we lie (especially the back and neck) on the floor. The feet should still be planted on the floor, which forces the knees to bend. From here, we move our hips up and down, exerting all the strength from each glute.

The glute bridge can be executed almost anywhere.

Single-leg lunges: individual effect

Lunges are perfect to workout each glute separately. Let’s recall that executing them consists of supporting our weight with the front leg while the other is left behind. A very efficient way to do it is by placing the back leg on a bench.

This is an exercise that has multiple advantages. To begin with, it doesn’t require great technique or too much motor precision. Secondly, it’s useful for almost all sports practices. Develop your glutes with this simple position that’s easy to execute.

Lunges are perfect to workout each glute separately.

The glutes represent a small muscular group which has many exercising options. For example, there’s also the lateral leg raises. There are also many variations around these five base exercises that we previously explained.

So many options allow us to work every angle and part of our buttocks. The more variations and weight, the faster we’ll see results because the impact is more intense. Moreover, the change of movements prevents the muscles from adapting to the same stimulus.

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