Exercises to Eliminate Inner Thigh Fat

The thighs are an area from where it's very difficult to eliminate accumulated fat. With these specific movements, you'll be closer to reaching your goals.
Exercises to Eliminate Inner Thigh Fat

Last update: 13 March, 2019

One of the most difficult areas to lose weight are your inner thighs. This area needs a lot of effort and specific exercises that allow you to eliminate fat. We’ll tell you how to do this in the following article.

How to eliminate inner thigh fat: recommendations

Some people may tell you that it’s not good to focus on one specific area since you need to eliminate fat from your whole body. However, when other areas of your body have experienced weight loss and the only part left to slim down are your inner thighs, everything changes.

Firstly, we recommend that you perform cardio, such as treadmill running, biking (stationary or outdoors), elliptical, step (climbing up and down the stairs) or running. You can also jump the rope, do Zumba, swim or practice a sport such as boxing.

In terms of diet, which is also very important to achieve the goal of eliminating fat from your legs and thighs, you must follow a balanced and healthy diet. This means that you’ll have to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

On the contrary, it must be a priority to reduce the consumption of flours, sugars, and fats. Also, don’t forget to drink at least two liters of water each day and reduce alcoholic beverages as much as possible.

Exercises to eliminate inner thigh fat

If you live a healthy lifestyle, do sports and have already lost weight, but still need to eliminate fat from your inner thighs, think of a specific routine that complements each session. Some of the exercises you can try are:

1. Squats against the wall

Thanks to this exercise, you’ll be able to make your thighs appear slimmer and reduce their size. To do these squats you’ll have to support your back and head against the wall and slowly lower your torso while bringing your feet forward.

The idea is that your knees are bent at a 45-degree angle and that the thighs are parallel to the floor. Maintain that pose for 30 seconds, stand up, rest and start again. Repeat 10 times in total.

Woman doing squats to get rid of inner thigh fat

2. Simple sweep

To do this exercise, you have to lay on your side on a mat; starting on the right side. Rest your right forearm on the floor, bend your left knee and rest your left foot on the mat. The movement is made by the right leg.

You have to lift your leg up and bring it down while keeping it stretched, with the tips of the toes facing out and without resting the foot on the ground at any time. Once you’ve repeated this 10 times, switch sides.

Woman working out her legs

3. Up and down

This exercise is widely used to work the abductors and eliminate inner thigh fat. You should lay face-up on the mat and stretch your legs. Then, lift your right leg (straight) and lower it slowly at the same time you lift your left leg.

The goal is for the legs to make an opposite movement, when one is up, the other is down. Try to get as close to the ground as possible, but without touching it. Do 20 repetitions, rest, and repeat again.

Man doing exercises for his legs

4. Scissors

This exercise is similar to the previous one, but in this case, the movement will be to open and close outwards and inwards, as scissors do. When the feet reach the center, cross them instead of closing. Firstly, pass the right foot over the left and then the other way around. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions each.

Woman doing the scissors exercise

5. Forward kicking

An exercise that requires a lot of concentration and balance, but which the results are more than interesting. To start, sit on a mat or the floor and take both arms backward; support them behind your back.

Then, bend your legs together, pushing your knees to your chest and bringing your torso closer (like a ball). After that, stretch your legs parallel to the floor (without touching it) and bring your spine back, using your elbows and shoulders as support.

Woman working out at home

6. Kickback

The last one of the exercises on this list can be performed with resistance bands or anklets. Facing down, place your hands, knees, and toes on the floor; keep your back straight.

Then kick back with your right leg and return to the starting position without touching the mat with your knee. Do 20 repetitions and switch sides.

Woman working out her hips and thighs

We recommend that you add these exercises to your gym routine if you want to eliminate inner thigh fat. Thanks to these exercises, you’ll notice results in no time. Don’t hesitate to try them!

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