Fitness Channels to Help You Work Out at Home

Fitness channels are an excellent idea to work out with at home. Especially during the days of isolation due to coronavirus. Here are some options.
Fitness Channels to Help You Work Out at Home

Last update: 27 May, 2020

Are you bored and want to exercise at home during the coronavirus quarantine? Would you like to start working out regardless of the weather or time of day? These fitness channels can be a great help, and you don’t have to pay to use them!

Good fitness channels to work out with at home

The effects of a sedentary lifestyle and boredom are already beginning to become noticeable during the first few days of the COVID-19 quarantine. If you want to stay active but don’t have much space, we recommend the following fitness channels. This way, you can work out while watching TV and make the most out of this forced confinement situation.

1. Walk at home by Leslie Sansone

It’s a good starting point for those who never exercise, even when they can leave home. Also, walking is something that most people can do without problems. It may sound a bit complicated if you live in a small apartment, but Leslie will tell you how to slide between your furniture without crashing or breaking anything in the process!

Walk at home offers five minutes of indoor walking to increase your energy, snap out of the lethargy from watching Netflix all day and clear your mind, all of this on top of getting a good work out. There’s a video for each day of the week for a complete routine.

2. Gym Virtual

It’s Patry Jordan’s YouTube channel. He’s a fun Catalan, dedicated to both fitness and beauty. You have different options to work out at home, with 600 videos of complete routines that don’t require any equipment. It also offers food, health, recipes, and sports tips.

A woman working out at home while following videos from different fitness channels

The Gym Virtual videos range from 10 minutes of cardio to specific routines for the abs, glutes or legs. It also has several other routines to warm up and stretch.

3. Deporlovers

This is another fitness channel that you can’t miss during these times of confinement. They post one video per week (they already have hundreds of them) and the routines are very simple because they explain them in detail. Deporlovers main target is women who want to tone their glutes, legs, and abs.

4. Ictiva, your home gym

This YouTube channel allows us to achieve the goal we’re pursuing through videos of approximately 25 minutes each. You can find anything from intense aerobic workouts to arm and leg routines, as well as cardio and intense step sessions.

They also have short two-minute workout videos and lists by type of exercise: boxing, stretching, arm toning, abs, etc.

5. Fausto Murillo

Fausto Murillo’s exercises are really intense. The best part is that he has live streams twice a week and offers new routines three times a week. He also includes a 30-day challenge to tone your abs and offers tips for healthy eating.

6. Train with Sergio Peinado

This is one of the most-watched fitness channels on YouTube. He offers workout routines, motivational ideas and eating tips every week. Among his most popular videos, we can find routines to tone your abs or strengthen your glutes and legs.

A woman rope jumping at home

7. Fitness Blender, one of the most extensive fitness channels

The videos on this channel are very easy to understand. Kelli and Daniel offer more than 500 routines categorized by duration, difficulty, type of training, muscle groups, burned calories and more.

They usually upload one video per week and explain everything very well. It’s perfect to work out at home with using whatever you have available.

8. Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler is one of the most notable yoga teachers on YouTube. She makes videos using a quiet voice to calm your nerves, stretch and relax. Adriene’s routines are between 20 and 40 minutes long, and of course, you can do each one at home.

Find your favorite fitness channels!

Other fitness channels that you can subscribe to and use to work out during quarantine are Elena Malova (to train your glutes and abs); Dakidissa S (Susana is a Valencian who shares her passion for yoga and Pilates), and Sascha Fitness TV (with exercises to get fit). Explore them and choose the one you like the most!

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