Key Tips For Toning Your Glutes

Despite being one of the most common goals for those who join a gym, it's not always easy to tone up our glutes. There are several factors that we need to control.
Key Tips For Toning Your Glutes

Last update: 30 January, 2020

The glutes are located in the lower part of the back; they are a tissue of fat and muscle that humans and some animals possess. Throughout history, the glutes have always been considered an attractive part of the body, but beyond aesthetics, toning them brings multiple benefits. Keep reading to learn more!

Doing exercises to tone your glutes not only makes them firm and gives them a good shape but it also improves your posture and reduces lower back pain. In addition to exercise, there are some other tips that you can apply to ensure striking results.

Glutes that are firm, strong and smooth will look excellent with any item of clothing, and at the same time, they are a symbol of good physical condition. Often, it’s said that to tone your glutes, you have to perform endless squats, and although they are effective, many other factors come into play too.

1. Use weights

Isometric and cardiovascular exercises that only use your body’s weight are essential to mold and obtain good glutes. But, additional weights are an indispensable element to strengthen and, in turn, tone your buttocks; there are different exercises with weights that you can put into practice:

  • Barbell weights: these weights are common in gyms and in the world of fitness, with them, you can do exercises such as deadlifts or squats.
  • Ankle weights: this type of exercise is quite useful for toning since the weight falls on the muscles that connect directly with the buttocks. Basically, you can perform any activity that comes to mind, such as jogging, leg lifting or jumping rope, among many others.
  • Russian kettlebells: kettlebells are perfect if you like to exercise several parts of your body. The most appropriate exercises for the glutes are sumo squats while holding the kettlebell with both hands.

2. Drink protein shakes

Proteins are macromolecules formed by amino acids; they are essential for human and animal nutrition. That said, the role played by proteins in muscles is extremely important, because they strengthen them and provide them with everything that’s necessary to support the microtears caused by exercising.

On the other hand, proteins are essential for toning because they are a source of elastin and collagen. These agents help keep the tissues firm and flexible. A balanced diet must contain proteins; however, for people who want to tone and strengthen their muscles, it’s good to consume considerable amounts of proteins.

Thus, an excellent option is to consume protein shakes, which is a practical and straightforward way to guarantee that you are getting enough proteins. Ingesting these types of drinks before or after training is a beneficial habit to have, nutritionally speaking. Besides these, there are a variety of protein supplements and completely natural alternatives for you to choose from too.

3. Do cardio

Don’t focus only on strength exercises; cardio is also necessary to tone your glutes. The process of removing the fat that lines the muscle is essential so that the tissue can regain its firmness. Also, it will be good for your health, beyond the aesthetic aspect.

4. Don’t stop training

It’s crucial to maintain a constant work rhythm to have toned glutes; it’s not at all useful to train sporadically and pretend to reach your goal. So, you should do everything possible to stay motivated and not abandon your exercise routine.

Although it’s hard to believe, the psychological aspects greatly influence your chances of achieving your goal, such as in this case where you want to tone your glutes There are many ways to stay motivated to reach your goal, you just have to work for it. If you aren’t putting all of your enthusiasm into it, you are wasting your time.

Toning your glutes is not such a complicated task, it’s enough to have the willpower and consistency to do it, as well as implementing the tips that we have given you. Keep in mind that beyond highlighting your attributes, you will also improve your health and self-esteem. Don’t hesitate to put these tips into practice!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.