General Health Benefits of Running Outside

It's nothing new! The streets and parks in both large and small cities are full of people who take advantage of the open air to train and run. The truth of the matter is that running outside does have some benefits that training in the gym doesn't.
General Health Benefits of Running Outside

Last update: 13 November, 2018

When the season brings pleasant weather, many of us have the urge to exercise outside of the gym. While experts recommend that you engage in physical activity throughout the year, there are more benefits to running outside than training indoors. The following article discusses this matter in more detail.

Why is running outside so good for our health?

Running through the fields, the forest, the beach, or the park is much healthier for the mind and body than using the treadmill at the gym. While it’s true that in both cases, you’re burning calories, releasing tension, sweating, and moving your body, the truth is that running outside may have even more benefits

Outdoor exercise isn’t expensive, as all you need is the correct footwear. You can jog anywhere without paying monthly fees! In addition, anyone can begin at their own pace, you don’t need a trainer or a specific style – as long as you’re not trying to become a professional.

Woman getting ready for running outside

Benefits of running outside

It’s true that in cold weather or rain, you might not have much enthusiasm for running outside. You might decide instead that it’s better to wait for fall or spring, which bring pleasant days for going out and exercising. We recommend that you keep exercising indoors during the winter. It’s not the same, but it does keep you fit for the warmer months.

It doesn’t matter what your ultimate goal is. Maybe you want to lose weight or perhaps you want to eliminate daily stress? Running outside has many benefits at a physical and emotional level. Some of these benefits are:

1) A good mood

Being in contact with nature while you exercise is a great way to improve a bad day at the office. On the other hand, a smile can also be a good way to start the working day, if you prefer to exercise in the morning.

Running outside offers different environments full of nature; flowers, trees, and even the sea. It’s perfect for clearing the mind and also helps you to make better decisions. You’ll probably experience a better mood too, this is due to the endorphins that the body produces as a result of exercise.

2) More vitamin D

This is one of the nutrients that people nowadays tend to be most deficient in. This is because its main source is from the sun. That’s why running outside is important if you have insufficient levels of vitamin D.

But don’t overdo it! This doesn’t mean that you should go running outdoors at midday, without any sun protection. It’s important to take care of your skin when you exercise outside. Avoid those times when the sun is at its hottest. Of course, you should always make sure to hydrate yourself appropriately before, during, and after the activity.

3) Breathe in the fresh air

Being outside helps you recieve oxygen into your body in different ways. This is especially true if you go beyond the city streets with lots of traffic. This is desirable, keeping in mind that your body needs a larger amount of oxygen when you exercise.

Listening to music while running outside

4) Burn calories

You may be able to burn more fat by running casually outside, than by doing high speeds at home or at a gym. That’s because the uneven terrain forces you to use more muscles to maintain your equilibrium.

5. Improve joint health

Running outside, as we stated before, means doing so on terrain that’s not as flat as a treadmill belt. If we exercise in the park or on the beach, the impact on the feet, ankles, and knees will be less than when running on a treadmill. These are the parts of the body that are most affected when running indoors or on a track.

Experts recommend that people who suffer from tendinitis should run on hills or on the sand. In the case of the latter, it’s a good idea to exercise with bare feet, in order to enjoy pleasant feelings from the ocean.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.