Helmets and Mouth Guards For Boxing And Kickboxing

Whenever we practice a contact sport, we must make sure that we protect ourselves adequately to avoid injuries. For boxing or kickboxing, helmets and mouth guards are very important.
Helmets and Mouth Guards For Boxing And Kickboxing

Last update: 15 November, 2018

Boxing is a combat sport, where two opponents fight one another. They only use their fists to fight, whilst wearing gloves. Fighters hit their opponents from the waist up, only hitting one another within a quadrilateral area.

This combat sport involves different fight sequences called assaults or rounds. These rounds follow precise regulations, including weight categories for boxers and the fight duration.

On the other hand, kickboxing is a combat sport originating in Japan. Here, boxing techniques are combined with the kicking techniques from various martial arts. For example, Karate and Muay Thai.

Kickboxing is closely related to the ancient art of Muay Thai, although it does have some differences. The most notable difference is that hits with the elbows and the knees aren’t permitted. In addition, this sport isn’t considered as a traditional formative martial art, it is related more to a combat sport.

Moreover, kickboxers are considered strong competition for other fighters of other standing fighting styles. This is in comparison to other contact sports or martial arts. The reason is that of the huge physical resistance, strength, and endurance that’s needed.

Currently, kickboxing is one of the most popular and most practiced sports in the development of the standing fight. It is also the preferred sport in combined mixed martial arts, sometimes called MMA.

Next, we will explain more about the helmets and the mouth guards required for boxing and kickboxing.

Helmets and mouth guards for boxing and kickboxing

Mouth guard:

It’s a very important item and should be used in all contact sports that may involve hitting another opponent. In the first instance, it’s used to prevent injuries to the jaw, but it also protects the spine. The jaw is located in close proximity to the base of the skull.

Boxing mouth guard.

In addition, it also protects the brain. This is because a hit on the jaw generates a wave that reaches the back of the skull. The mouth guard is an item that should adapt and mold perfectly to our teeth.

To use a mouth guard for the first time, it must be placed into boiling water for about 15 seconds. Then, we then need to put it on the upper arch of the mouth. Finally, we apply a little pressure so that it acquires the shape of our mouth and teeth.


In the case of sparring practice with a rival or opponent, it’s necessary to wear a protective helmet. There are different models of helmets for every individual need.

Two guys boxing.

The most commonly used helmets are usually ones that provide full coverage. They have Velcro or chin strap fastenings and are reinforced in the chin and cheek areas. This area is where the blows are usually directed. In the case of novice fighters, more time is dedicated to learning techniques rather than to sparring. So, in this instance, a helmet isn’t always necessary.

To ensure safety when practicing these sports, helmets and mouth guards for boxing and kickboxing are vitally important. By wearing them, fighters will be able to avoid and help to prevent many types of injuries that can occur, in both the jaw and the skull.

In addition to helmets and mouth guards for boxing and kickboxing, there are other protectors available too. Various extra equipment is also necessary for the practice of these disciplines. Don’t forget, you will also need specialized gloves, pants, and shoes.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.