Historical Quotes by Famous Athletes

The thoughts, quotes and advice of famous athletes.
Historical Quotes by Famous Athletes

Last update: 25 October, 2023

These quotes come from the voices of the most seasoned athletes. They all have a lesson to teach each of us to be better athletes and human beings.

Sports icons aren’t just an example of what they do in their field. In addition, they’re important for the life lessons that they can teach and represent. Continuing reading and we’ll tell you about the best quotes from athletes that talk about virtues. They even admit errors that they’ve made.

Eight memorable quotes from athletes around the world

The following phrases are remembered because of those who thought and spoke about them. Also, they reflect the great truths applicable to the world of sports. Take the best of each one and use it to improve what you do!

1. The harder the victory, the greater the joy in winning!

The ex-soccer player Brazilian Edson Arantes do Nascimento is better known as Pele. He was immortalized for this quote during his sports career. He even applied it to his practices and was a continual champion. In addition, he was the only player who won three World Cups in FIFA.

2. Quotes by athletes: Be sure that your worst enemy isn’t between your two ears!

This quote is from Laird Hamilton, a United States surfer with a winner’s mentality. He dominated the biggest waves in the world. Not only did he attempt the most dangerous feats and invent new techniques, but he was also a kitesurf pioneer. But his mind is definitely an indispensable ally.

Laird Hamilton, what he said is included in athletes' quotes

3. A man who views the world at 50 as he did at 20, has lost 30 years of his life!

If we mention the best quotes by athletes, we can’t forget Mohammad Ali. This legendary boxer isn’t just associated with sports. He also had a psychological point of view.


Muhammad Ali, included in the athletes' quotes

4. Age isn’t a barrier, only your mind limits you!

The author of this motivating phrase is Jackie Joyner-Kersee, a North American athlete who came to practice what she preached. She won the last of her Olympic Gold Medals in 1992 in Barcelona at 30 years of age. At the same time, she kept winning international awards until she retired in 1998.

5. Quotes by athletes: You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you’ll go!

The swimmer, Michael Phelps, who’s a living legend said this. These words demonstrate the winning mentality of this North American. He won 28 awards during his career, 23 of which were gold.

6. Don’t ask what your teammates can do for you…

….ask yourself what you can do for your teammates! The legendary Earvin Magic Johnson, who was one of the best basketball players in history said this. His commitment came from these words. Consequently, he won five NBA rings, in addition to many individual distinctions.

7. If you think you’re the best, you won’t be able to get better! One of the most important quotes by an athlete.

If you want to be better, then you should always do your best. Valentino Rossi, one of the most talented winners of the MOTOGP, offers one of the best quotes. And it’s what gives constant motivation. This Italian is an example of dedication and passion for the sport he loves.

Valentino Rossi, racecar driver.

8. If he’d been homely, you wouldn’t even have listened to Pelé speak!

Besides excellent self-esteem, this phrase from the Brit, George Best reflects his lack of discipline that he was aware of during his career. In spite of this, some people considered him to be the best Irish soccer player.

Best had a notable talent that made him stand out in Manchester United. However, his alcohol addiction and his partying prevented him from progressing in the sport. Therefore, his competitors benefited from this behavior.

Finally, as we stated previously, these quotes from athletes, not only demonstrate their positive attitude but also their views about the sacrifice and the temptations. So for anyone who likes to play sports and compete, each one has great value.

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