9 Exercises to Practice Grit Series

There are many exercises to practice the Grit Series. However, with the ones we suggest here, you'll be able to add them to your routine in no time.
9 Exercises to Practice Grit Series

Last update: 14 January, 2021

AEFA Les Mills is the promoter of various forms of training, including the guidelines and exercises to practice the Grit Series. This method focuses on high intensityand that’s why his routines are made up of quite exhausting and strong workouts.

The first recommendation to practice the Grit Series is to have a well-conditioned body. This way, you can do all of the exercises fully and enjoy the benefits. The Grit Series is made up of cardiovascular and plyometric work, which can initially tell you what types of exercises are involved.

Exercises to practice the Grit Series

One of the main foundations of the Grit Series is high-intensity interval training or HIIT. This consists of cardiovascular exercises that focus on stimulating and improving physical condition at the endurance level.

In addition to the above, this method is also made up of plyometric exercises. These represent a way of working the power of the different parts of the body, so their exercises focus on speed and strength. Based on both pillars, the Grit Series is made up of three main types of training, which we’ll talk about below.

Grit strength

This training is based on the muscular work of the whole body. Also, you need dumbbells, weights, discs, bars, and other elements to do the exercises. The aim is that this equipment gives additional stimulus to the muscles.

Two people squatting in the gym.

Despite focusing on muscle development, high intensity is still a very important component. Therefore, you must do it in 30 minutes at the highest possible intensity.

The main exercises to practice this part of Grit Series are:

  • Squats with weight: you can do them with dumbbells or a barbell.
  • Deadlifts: done with a barbell, kettlebell, or dumbbells.
  • Shoulder presses: this exercise is done with dumbbells, one in each hand.
  • Bicep curls: you do these with dumbbells, symmetrically or asymmetrically.

Grit cardio

Unlike Grit strength, you do this without equipment. It’s enough to just use bodyweight to perform these exercises. As its name implies, the Grit cardio exercises are based on the stimulation of the cardiorespiratory system.

One of the main benefits of this training is to burn fat, a problem that most people seek to solve when exercising. On the other hand, it also helps with endurance, especially anaerobic.

The exercises for this part of the Grit Series are:

  • Burpees: the most common is the conventional one, consisting of squats, push-ups, and jumps.
  • Jumping jacks
  • Push-ups

Grit plyo

Finally, there’s Grit plyo, made up of plyometric exercises that are used to improve the body’s power. In this type of training, you do explosive exercises to stimulate all muscle groups in the body.

In addition, you can do these with and without equipment. Everything varies according to the day, which is directed by the instructors of the site that you’re using.

A man doing push-ups.

One of the most used objects in Grit plyo is a step, due to the number of jumps that you do.

Some of the exercises in this method are:

  • Plyometric push-ups: these are push-ups where you push your hands off the ground.
  • Bench jumps: you can do these on a step or on higher surfaces, depending on your abilities.

Practicing the Grit Series is fun and demanding

This training method is very complex, but you shouldn’t be intimidated by it. Ideally, condition your body with other routines before diving into the Grit Series.

In addition, we also advise you to do more research on it before starting these types of exercises. Keep in mind that the routines can be adjusted to your abilities. However, they all revolve around high intensity, which is why you should condition yourself. A great advantage is that there will always be a professional in the training area who can constantly guide and motivate you.

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