How to Perfect the Overhead Barbell Squat

As you perform squats, it's important to master the proper technique. The use of a bar can increase the intensity and facilitate the exercise.
How to Perfect the Overhead Barbell Squat

Last update: 04 April, 2019

If there’s an exercise that needs to be polished with constant practice, it’s the squat. In order to perfect the overhead barbell squat, you must have successfully overcome previously challenges to get into shape.

Most Olympic athletes must constantly perfect their squats using weights. This exercise which combines both weights and squats is a way to perform both aerobic and anaerobic exercise intensely.

Benefits of perfecting the overhead squat

In principle, this exercise brings all of the benefits of the conventional squat. This means that these squats help strengthen the entire central part of the body. The central part of the body is made up of the lower area of the back, abdomen, the buttocks, and the quadriceps.

In addition, the effort demanded by several series of squats helps to tone all of the musculature around the spine, the arms, neck, and calves.

Improving your squat technique

After perfecting the squat, you will be able to feel the role each muscle plays in executing the movement. Keep in mind that squats also provide cardiovascular exercise. It’s an exercise that, even in its basic form, is full of benefits.

Now, if you add a bar over your head to your squat, you will significantly improve the benefits received from the exercise. The main aspect to keep in mind is that you’ll first have to master the technique of lifting weights while squatting. Once you have done that, you’ll simply have to start small before adding more weights.

Barbell squat

The overhead barbell squat can improve your level of resistance and strength. This exercise is definitely for those who love physical activities and for those who are looking for new fitness challenges.

A technique to perfect the overhead barbell squat

In order to perform this exercise, you must start from the proper starting position. The first step is to get your body into the squat position. Your feet should be separated at a length that’s slightly wider than your shoulders. Keep your back and neck aligned. Then, take the bar and place it on a support that is around the height of your chest.

When starting off, it’s best to start with light weights. When removing the bar from the support, your arms should be stretched wide and your shoulders lowered. Remember to keep looking forward. At this point, your legs should remain extended.

Once in position, raise the bar over your head with your arms extended and perform a squat. Your heels should never lose contact with the ground. Your knees should not pass a 90-degree angle. Once you reach 90 degrees, count to three or four and then stand up by extending your legs, just as in the basic squat.

Some advice to consider

Squats are considered successful if the body’s muscles respond adequately and of course if there are no injuries or improper movements. The first piece of advice is to make sure that your arms and shoulders maintain the weight firmly, bringing your shoulder blades down and backward.

To perfect the squat, your chest must remain upright. Remember to look forward. In order to avoid lower back injuries, try to keep your hips slightly inwards. Your gluteal region and abdomen should be flexed while squatting.

Couple performing squats

When it comes to the rhythm and the moment of execution, it is best to perform this kind of exercise at the beginning of your fitness routine. If your arms are already exhausted they will not be able to maintain the barbell upright. It’s best to start with light weights in order to avoid injuries. You can increase the weight used gradually.

In conclusion, perfecting the overhead barbell squat brings all of the benefits of the common squat and more. This exercise puts the arms, trapezius and triceps muscles into action. In short, it’s a high-performance workout that you should try to include in your routine.

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