Improve Your Running Technique

If you know how to maintain and improve your running technique, you can prevent injuries and enjoy your speed and energy. It's easy to improve your running technique, regardless of your experience level.
Improve Your Running Technique

Last update: 15 August, 2018

There are very simple ways to run that will help you to improve your running technique considerably faster. Regardless of the level of experience -expert, intermediate or amateur – it is always possible to improve in this demanding sport. Improve your running technique with these simple and practical tips.


Tips for running techniques during a race

Train the core

It’s important that every runner trains and strengthens their core and glute areas. Strength training is essential for runners to improve their time and endurance in the race.

In practice, experts say that with only five minutes of daily strength training, it is possible to improve stability in the pelvis, hips, and trunk. In addition to preventing injuries.

Girl doing hip bridge.

Avoid stepping with your heel

Improve your running technique by avoiding bearing any weight on your heels. This habit is ineffective during running, as it creates traumatic impact and it can generate injuries. In this sense, experts explain that weight-bearing on the heels will cause the runner’s feet to sink, with each stride. This reduces your running speed.

To avoid taking steps with your heels, there are several exercises that can help to considerably correct this issue. From shortening your stride to running without shoes; the latter will force you to take each step with the middle part of your foot. By doing so, you will notice the difference immediately.

Another interesting exercise is to shorten your stride. To achieve this, increase the frequency of your stride, by exerting support from below your hips.


Although it may seem obvious, it is often difficult for runners to find the perfect state of concentration, so as to perform at their best during a race or a workout.

Experts recommend performing running when you’re sufficiently rested and alert. It is important that the runner has enough energy to carry out the movements required, at a high frequency and as accurately as possible.

Ideal posture and the best running technique

The correct posture is essential for running more effectively. In this sense, it is important to remember that the upper part of your body must be completely straight, that the area of your abdominals and glutes are active and your head is lifted high, and facing forwards.

On the other hand, your arms should swing very close to your body and should form 90 degree angles to your sides. Both the position of your body, and your arms are essential to maintaining your pace and energy levels throughout the race.

Girl on a treadmill.

Tips to improve your running technique

Running slower

On many occasions, runners are obsessed with their speed. However, specialists recommend running slower, to learn how, little-by-little runners can go farther and faster. It is a process of adaptation, so speed and time should not become the main objective, but a continuous learning curve.

Knee posture

One of the biggest problems for runners is the correct posture of the knees. Specifically, they have difficulty raising their knees in the proper way.

To improve this type of problem, there are several exercises to help improve posture. Walking with the knees up will prepare the runner for the correct knee lifting technique needed during the run.

Coordination exercises

Improve your technique as you run through different coordination exercises. These exercises aim to work the muscles, and will help with coordination.

Some of the recommended exercises are: butt kicks, high-knee drills, and straight-leg run, among others. With these exercises, the runner will also improve their average stride, the posture of their knees and resistance.

Suitable shoes

The right shoes are essential to improve every runner’s technique. In this sense, the premise of practicality should be applied; choose shoes that are comfortable and supportive, otherwise they will cause the foot to weaken and as a result make you more prone to injury.

Couple wearing running shoes.

On the market, you can now find so many different and well-known brands, with some offering minimal support to the foot itself, and instead, giving more muscular support to the ankle.

With these simple running techniques, it is possible for the runner to improve his performance. They are very simple to put into practice, but do require some perseverance and consistency on the part of the athlete.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.