Learn About the Benefits of HMB

Dr. Steven Nissen, a prominent American cardiologist and researcher, has revealed the properties of these molecules in various studies published during the last decade of the 20th century. This specialist is also the owner of the original HMB patent as a nutritional supplement.
Learn About the Benefits of HMB

Last update: 29 December, 2018

HMB is an extremely powerful nutritional supplement, yet remains unknown to a large part of the population. Even though it’s very popular among groups of high-level bodybuilders, many athletes don’t know of its existence. The benefits of HMB are extremely broad, and not only for those who enjoy physical activity.

Hydroxy Metibutirato, a term corresponding to the acronym HMB, is obtained during the metabolism of leucine. This is one of the eight essential amino acids that we acquire from foods of vegetable and animal sources.

This type of active ingredient intervenes in the creation of new muscle tissue, together with L-Isoleucine and the growth hormone. They also facilitate the recovery and repair of existing muscle tissues.

Amino acids are substances that the human body extracts from proteins. The stomach is responsible for carrying out this task through liver functions and the effects of gastric juices. Then, the intestine has the responsibility of making the body assimilate them.

HMB is obtained during the metabolism of leucine.

Leucine, which derives from HMB after metabolizing, is found naturally in several foods that should be frequent guests within a balanced diet.

Among other foods, we can find leucine in eggs, beef, and some fish. They also appear in dairy and soy products. Furthermore, we can obtain it by combining vegetable proteins, such as rice with legumes or in nuts.

Benefits of HMB

The positive values of these products don’t only benefit people who love physical activity or high-performance athletes. Those who don’t usually practice sports can profit from their consumption as well. 

There aren’t any known contraindications or side effects of HMB. This point is highly sensitive for most people when deciding to include these types of products in their routines. Its components are water soluble and urine is able to eliminate any excess.

In any case, it’s always advisable not to exceed the doses recommended by the specialist or the ones indicated on the labels. It’s also important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t consume this type of supplement indefinitely. You must always establish rest periods.

Increase in protein synthesis and reduction of muscle damage

One of the most important benefits of HMB is that it prevents the degradation of proteins. For an increase in muscle size to be evident, it’s necessary for the rate of protein decrease to be below the rate of synthesis.

Another direct consequence of this process is that the damage that the tissues suffer during training is reduced. This also implies a decrease in recovery time.

Improves aerobic capacity

You don’t only experience gains in strength and muscle mass. HMB favors the functioning of the entire cardiovascular system. This causes an increase in the maximum volume of oxygen (VO2 max).

For that reason, these supplements are increasingly used by adults who need to increase their level of resistance, such as runners, swimmers, or cyclists. As well as athletes who combine these three disciplines in a triathlon.

Facilitates the loss of body fat

Besides promoting the formation of non-fat tissues, it also facilitates the loss of body fat. As a supplement, another benefit of HMB is the reduction of bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Therefore, specialists usually recommend it in weight loss diets.

HMB reduces bad cholesterol levels in the blood.

Reduces cortisol

Known as the stress hormone, cortisol directly influences energy metabolism, causing an increase in the rate of protein degradation. Cortisol levels increase considerably during high-intensity physical exertion sessions.

Among the benefits of HMB, it has been proven that it inhibits this hormone’s metabolic function. This results in an increase in resistance. Likewise, it’s another process that reduces damage to body tissues.

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