Losing Weight After 40: Tips and Techniques

After we reach a certain age, our body's metabolism tends to slow down. This can often mean an increase in weight. Not all is lost though. Losing weight after 40 is still possible.
Losing Weight After 40: Tips and Techniques

Last update: 28 July, 2018

Losing weight after 40 is a little more complicated than it was earlier in our lives. However, if we follow some very simple tips, our bodies can still respond positively. With a little patience and consistency, losing weight after 40 is definitely possible.

Why is losing weight after 40 so hard?

It is no secret that losing weight after 40 is much more complicated. Why is this? The answer lies in our metabolism, which becomes considerably slower as the years go by.

The body gradually changes, often without us noticing. By the time we reach a certain age, we mistakenly think that by making the same changes that we used to, will produce the same results.

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When this happens, and we see diminished results (or no results at all), it is natural to feel frustrated and want to give up. This is the time to reflect upon what is happening.

Despite the fact that losing weight after 40 can be more complicated, that does not mean it is impossible. In fact, with the appropriate changes in relation to your age, and by following a few tips, it is possible to accelerate your metabolism and meet your desired goals.

Keep in mind that at this stage of your life, past the age of 40, weight-loss results can be a little slower. For this reason, you need to show a bit more patience and perseverance.

Factors complicating weight loss after 40

A slow metabolism

As we have seen, the metabolism slows considerably as the years go by. Many people will tell you that, in their 20s, they could lose weight quickly, simply by cutting out dessert or bread. After 40, though, skipping dessert will not be enough to obtain your desired results.


Hypothyroidism is another big problem that can stop us from losing weight easily. It should be noted that hypothyroidism can occur at any age, but it is often diagnosed after the age of 40. With the right diet and medications, it is possible to control this condition.


Another very important factor that tends to emerge and increase with age is stress. Stress is one of the main causes of weight fluctuation. This is because many people fight their anxiety by eating foods that are high in calories and sugar.

How to lose weight after 40

Eating smaller portions more often throughout the day

It has been scientifically proven that eating more often throughout the day helps to accelerate the metabolism significantly. That said, it is important to understand that these meals have to be healthy and served in small portions. This is especially true for meals that are eaten mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Some delicious, healthy snacks perfect for these times of day include: light yogurt, seeds, cashews, unsalted peanuts, fruit, and whole wheat crackers.

Respect your schedule

When looking to lose weight, it is important to stick to a schedule. This will allow you to maintain a healthier diet, accelerate your metabolism, and lower the chances of giving into temptation.

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Do not skip breakfast

Many people mistakenly believe that skipping breakfast leads to faster weight loss. However, studies have proven that this is nothing more than a myth.

Not only is breakfast important, but eating a complete breakfast is a big part of a successful day. A good breakfast should include all the necessary nutrients, allowing you to enjoy more energy throughout the day.

Add exercise to your daily routine

Seeing weight-loss results involves more than just a healthy diet. You also need to add exercise to your daily routine. The appropriate exercise depends on each individual. The important thing is to find a physical activity that you enjoy.

There are plenty of options in terms of exercise. You could walk in a park for 30 minutes every day, or start a gym membership.

Say goodbye to bad habits

It is essential that you cut out, or at least reduce, your consumption of high-sugar beverages, including soda, tea, and energy drinks. You can replace them with lighter options that have less sugar and fewer calories. You also need to cut back on your alcohol intake, and eliminate vices, such as smoking.

Losing weight after 40 is possible with a well-structured plan, as well as with plenty of patience and perseverance. Sticking to a healthier diet, adding daily exercise to your routine, and making regular visits to the doctor are key to achieving your goals.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.