New Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus in Sports

24th March 2020
We learn about new cases of coronavirus in sports every day. People who are infected come from various disciplines and countries. We'll tell you about the latest confirmed cases in this article.

This virus makes no distinction. It can infect anyone regardless of their profession or occupation. The list of confirmed cases of coronavirus in sports grows daily. Today, we’ll be discussing the athletes who’ve recently become infected.

That’s right, although it seems that the virus only affects the elderly, the truth is that we can all catch it. The sports world isn’t an exception; new cases become public every day.

In a previous article, we told you about the first confirmed athletes with COVID-19. Some of them are the Italian Calcio soccer players Daniele Rugani (Juventus) and Manolo Gabbialdini (Sampdoria); the basketball players Trey Thompkins (Real Madrid), Gudy Robert and Donovan Mitchel (NBA Utah Jazz).

For this reason, and also following the isolation rules of staying at home, the games of most sports leagues have been suspended until further notice. There are even massive events such as Formula One, the Six Nations Championship or the World Cup in Athletics that have been postponed.

Even so, we continue to receive news of new cases of coronavirus in sports, in different countries and from different disciplines.

The new cases of coronavirus in sports

Perhaps you’ve already heard that Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to leave Italy until the quarantine of his team, Juventus, ends. Recently, there was also a confirmation that the Frenchman Blaise Matuidi had contracted the disease as well.

In Italy, others besides Gabbiandini have also tested positive. We’re talking about Antonio La Gumina, Morten Thorsby, Omar Coller, and Albin Ekdal. There were also some positive cases in Fiorentina: Patrick Cutrone, Dusan Vlahovic and German Pezzella.

Continuing in the realm of soccer, but this time in the Bundesliga, we have to name Timo Hubers of Hannover 96, from the second division. The club decided to test the entire squad and one more came out positive: James Horn.

A coronavirus tests to be used in members of the sports world

In England, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and Chelsea footballer Callum Hudson Odoi also came back positive for COVID-19. Until then, the Premier League hadn’t been suspended, but the decision to suspend it was taken hours after these cases went public.

As for Spain, the Valencia soccer team has confirmed that there were new cases con COVID-19 among its staff. They believe the patients contracted the disease during their trip to Milan, due to the Champions League.

Three of the soccer players who tested positive are Ezequiel Garay, José Luis Gayá and Eliaquim Mangala. In addition to Jonathan de Jesús, a player that belongs to Elche.

Coronavirus cases in sports besides soccer

In cycling, we have to count the Colombian Fernando Gaviria, who is in isolation in Abu Dhabi, where he was competing in the Tour of the Arab Emirates. Other cyclists with confirmed coronavirus are Dimitry Strakhov (Russian) and Maximiliano Richeze (Argentine).

Other new cases of coronavirus in sports come from the realm of handball in Spain. More precisely, from the second division team Trops Malaga, with four infected players. The Royal Spanish Federation has suspended the meetings of the Malaga club.

In basketball, Cleveland State coach Chris Kielsmeier has joined the NBA list, as well as Christian Wood of the Detroit Pistons. Kevin Durant (in the image), a figure of the Brooklyn Nets, is another positive case, along with three other teammates of unknown identity.

Kevin Durant is a basketball player who is also infected with coronavirus

In Formula One there’s the case of a McLaren team worker. There’s also a confirmed person affected by the pandemic in judo; a member of the Spanish Federation, but we don’t know their name as yet.

The list is updated every day

At the moment, these are the new cases of coronavirus in sports, but the list isn’t definitive. But at the rate that the situation is progressing, there’s news about it every few hours.

In this context, the unanimous message of isolation sent by sports figures contributes to the awareness of many people around the world. It’s everyone’s responsibility to fight the virus and stop the curve of infection!