Objects You Can Use to Exercise at Home

We must all do our part during isolation. In this article, we'll tell you which objects you can use in your workout routine to exercise without leaving home.
Objects You Can Use to Exercise at Home

Last update: 27 May, 2020

Whether we’re in mandatory isolation or not, staying at home to exercise is always a good alternative. Therefore, it’s advisable to find some home objects you can use to accomplish this.

Social isolation can have negative consequences for our bodies, both psychologically and physically. However, exercising can counteract the side effects of confinement.

The European Journal of Applied Physiology published a study that shows endorphin levels during and after exercise. It explains the influence of physical activity in terms of mood changes. It’s clear that exercise is a positive coping mechanism to get through these difficult times.

On the other hand, being locked between four walls shouldn’t mean that you leave aside your workout routine. It’s actually quite the opposite; finding which objects you can use to exercise at home should be an impulse to continue with such a good habit.

Objects you can use to exercise at home

You can do many exercise routines that don’t require any equipment or external aids. However, finding objects that you can use at home can make the task easier.

Exercise mat

Without a doubt, mats are a fundamental element to exercise at home. Mats offer benefits for the mind and body, but their most important function is protection.

Many routines include floor activities, and the mat protects your skin, muscles, and bones from hard surfaces, which can eventually cause injuries.

You don’t need a professional mat. It’s possible to find similar variants within the objects you have at home; they must be uniform and not too rigid.

A woman using an exercise mat to work out at home

Elastic bands

If you include resistance and muscle strengthening sessions in your training routine, you’ll need some resistance bands. Therefore, they’re another object you can use to exercise at home.

Resistance bands aren’t usually too expensive, so it’s fairly easy to obtain them. If you don’t have any bands, you can also use sewing elastic. It may not be the most aesthetic option, but you can definitely get good results from using it.

Using dumbbells or weights to exercise at home

Even beginners in the fitness world use weights. It’s one of the most useful objects to exercise at home.

The type of exercises you can do with dumbbells are quite varied. They help to strengthen the muscle groups in your upper and lower extremities.

There are many types of dumbbells; the design, weight, and ergonomics vary. If you don’t own this type of equipment, you can use your creativity to find a way to improvise. For example, there are YouTube tutorials that teach you how to make dumbbells from the comfort of your home.

Chairs or benches

From push-ups to stretches, chairs can be useful to perform a wide variety of exercises. The best part is that they’re objects we usually have at home, within easy reach. To use them, make sure they’re on a flat and stable surface. This not only prevents accidents but decreases the risk of injury.

Broomsticks: a great alternative to exercise at home

You can separate the stick from most brooms. Almost everyone has at least one of these utensils at home. They’re very useful when developing an exercise routine.

You can use broomsticks to do dynamic lunge exercises and have core strengthening sessions. All you have to do is disassemble the broom and begin to implement it in your workouts gradually.

Another person

Although people aren’t objects, they can be a great help to exercise at home. From passive static stretches to abdominal support, another individual can even provide motivation so that home workouts don’t fall into monotony.

A couple working out together during isolation

Be creative and look for objects to exercise at home!

Mandatory social isolation requires us to stay at home in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, that shouldn’t be a reason to interrupt healthy habits, such as exercising.

The general recommendation is to use the most out of our creativity. This way, we can find different ways of working on our physical and cognitive skills. There are many objects you can use to exercise at home; the only requirement is that they’re ergonomic and useful for your particular routine.

Last but not least, relying on virtual professional advice and knowledge will be vitally important on the road to forging a healthy lifestyle. Stay healthy despite confinement!

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