Perfect Belly: 10 Keys to Getting the Results You Want

It's a long process, one that requires discipline and patience. Losing the pounds that accumulate around your gut isn't done overnight. It's also easy to gain them right back after a few days of out-of-control eating. Read this article to learn how to get a perfect belly.
Perfect Belly: 10 Keys to Getting the Results You Want

Last update: 16 October, 2018

Achieving a perfect belly is one of the main goals in the world of fitness. Sometimes, though, exercising and maintaining a balanced diet are not enough. However, even though it may be difficult, no mission is impossible, not even the perfect belly.

Everyone is different

Before starting with any plan to get a flat stomach, you need to know how your metabolism works. It’s a fact that some people can lose weight much more easily than others. As such, a visit to a specialist is always helpful.

Woman pinching belly

Control your carbohydrate consumption

Control doesn’t mean that you should eliminate them completely. After all, carbohydrates are the primary sources of energy that allow the body to perform its basic tasks.

Carbohydrates help the muscles to function, aid the digestive system and metabolism. The latter is a key process in burning the fat that accumulates around the abdomen.

As with almost everything related to health, extremes are not advised. A shortage of these biomolecules will provoke the body to experience a general malfunction, with symptoms that include weakness and bad moods. Meanwhile, an excess of carbohydrates is one of the most common catalysts of obesity.

Don’t avoid fats completely

Fats have a similar reputation to carbohydrates. They’ve been so demonized that many people try to eliminate them from their diets completely. Again, moderation is key.

Without fats, the body wouldn’t have anywhere to store energy. They serve as a type of transportation system, that allows vitamins and other nutrients to travel through the bloodstream.

Avoid saturated fats

Often, the confusion surrounding fat comes from the mistaken assumption that all fats are saturated. There is no way to achieve a perfect belly (or good health) if you eat saturated fats every day.

Less salt, less sugar

In addition to many other related problems, an excess of sodium and sugar in the body promotes the accumulation of belly fat. Reducing your consumption of these ingredients to a minimum is vital if you’re looking to trim your waistline.

Bowl of sugar cubes

A perfect belly requires exercise

This is no secret. Without regular physical activity, a flat stomach is a tough dream to achieve. However, there’s more to it than just doing sit-ups with no real plan. Instead, you need a specific workout regimen designed to meet your needs.

Stay hydrated

The body can’t function without water. Improper hydration can cause a variety of negative effects, including an inability to burn belly fat efficiently. It won’t matter what exercises you do.

Eat light dinners

There are people who suggest eliminating dinner entirely in order to wake up with a perfect belly. These kinds of measures won’t help at all. Rather, they will only create more anxiety and a stronger urge to eat filling, protein-rich foods.

Woman eating light dinner

The general recommendation is to eat light meals and watch the ingredients that you consume. Cut down on flours, sugars, and carbohydrates. The same goes for red meats and spicy foods, as well as candy, desserts, and junk foods.

Sleep well

Here’s another example of common sense! If your body doesn’t get the rest it needs, it will lead to a metabolic disorder that will make it very hard to avoid gaining belly fat.

Yes to chocolate

This doesn’t mean you can eat any kind of chocolate whenever you want. Rather, we’re referring to low-sugar, dark chocolate. Thanks to its high zinc content, it leads to an increase of leptin in the body. This hormone’s functions include controlling the storage of fat in our tissues.

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