Pilates: Learn Why This Core-Strengthening Exercise Is Great at Burning Calories

Does Pilates burn calories? Many overweight individuals believe it will not help them to lose weight, opting instead for cardio machines or other more active sports. Here is why they are mistaken.
Pilates: Learn Why This Core-Strengthening Exercise Is Great at Burning Calories

Last update: 10 November, 2019

It is believed that Pilates is a relaxing form of exercise that allows you to create a connection between body and mind. While this is true, this particular definition has made many think that the sport does not tone the body or burn fat. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Does Pilates burn calories? Yes, and in this article we will explain why.

Does Pilates burn calories?

Due to the definition we mentioned earlier, which many have attributed to this discipline, it is normal for Pilates to be confused with yoga. However, the two are quite different from each other.

Pilates focuses on working and developing the body’s core, helping the body develop strength and muscular resistance. This form of exercise works out the innermost part of your body, activating your metabolism and helping you to lose fat more quickly.

Women doing pilates

The stretching done in a Pilates session, tones muscle, and this helps fat to leave the body. An additional advantage of Pilates is that it is low-impact. You can do it even if you have suffered an injury. In this case, inform the instructor about the kind of injury and its location, so he or she can stop you from doing exercises that focus on that area and may hurt you.

Although the exercises may seem laid-back, they involve static movements, and the strength exerted to maintain your position for a few seconds will burn calories. This is why you should not question whether Pilates burns calories or not. In fact, it is one of the best calorie-burning sports around.

More reasons to do Pilates

  • It reduces stress. One of the primary causes of obesity is stress. It causes us to eat more that we should, and makes us accumulate extra fat. Given that this is a relaxed form of exercise that works from the inside out, it helps diminish stress and, in doing so, our appetite.
  • It is a lot of fun. No two Pilates classes are the same. If you have been to other sports classes, it is possible that you have become bored by repeating the same movements every day. You can guess the instructor’s next move before it even happens. This is not the case with with Pilates. Each class is different, thanks to the hundreds of exercises it involves, as well as the accessories used to perform them.
  • It improves circulation. Working on our body’s core is beneficial to healthy blood flow.
Woman doing pilates

Additional benefits of Pilates

  • A healthier back. There is nothing better than Pilates for people with back problems. The stretching done in this discipline strengthens the back muscles, which protect the spinal column and help to prevent injuries.
  • You will have company. If you go to a class in a gym, you can meet other people who share similar goals. This is not an easy form of exercise, although there are different levels available. The point is that other people who have undergone the same experience will help you to not feel ashamed or become dispirited if you are struggling with a certain exercise. The results of doing Pilates twice a week will be visible after the first month. Do not give up!
  • You will improve your balance. Many of these exercises are based on balance, so you will be able to improve this facet. Better balance will prove useful throughout your life.

You can see how Pilates helps to burn calories, while also offering a host of benefits to improve your health and quality of life. Now it is time to get started!

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