Post-Run Mistakes: five Errors to Avoid

If you run regularly, you may be making mistakes after your cardio workout. In this article, we'll tell about about the post-run mistakes to avoid.
Post-Run Mistakes: five Errors to Avoid

Last update: 07 December, 2018

Following a running session, post-workout recovery is very important. In this article, we’ll go over some common post-run mistakes to avoid.

Correcting these small errors will reduce your risk of injury, and make you a better runner over the long term. So take note of these post-run mistakes and improve your cardio practice.

Post-run mistakes to avoid

1. Not stretching

Ignoring muscle recovery is one of the most common post-run mistakes that runners make. When you’ve finished performing any athletic activity, do not forget to stretch. It’s a vital part of properly caring for your muscles, and also makes them more flexible. Remember: the best time to achieve a greater range of motion in your stretches is while the muscles are still warm.

Woman stretching

Of course, your body also needs a chance to gradually cool down. Stretching helps with this process too. If you remember to stretch, you might be surprised at how good it makes you feel, both in terms of recovery and being ready for your next session. In just 10 minutes, you can enjoy enough static stretching to prevent injury and feel significantly better.

2. Inadequate nutrition

In addition to consuming enough nutrients before your workout, you need to adequately replenish these after running. It’s important to your health and the ability of your muscles to recover. Pay attention to proteins and carbohydrates, and also eat whole foods that the body can digest and process more easily.

Foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, organic animal proteins, and post-run shakes are all excellent options to help restore your energy reserves. Keep in mind that you need to do this as soon as possible after your work out.

3. Poor hydration

Metabolic waste, better known as lactic acid, is the result of intense exercise. The body needs to eliminate this waste following each workout, which is only possible if you hydrate properly.

Woman drinking water

To this end, we recommend drinking a lot of water or failing that, sports drinks, within two hours of running. This will allow you to provide your muscles with the nutrients and oxygen they need.

“What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle, and giving 110 percent all the time.”

– Don Zimmer –

4. Not listening to your body

Small pains are quite common among runners, but there may come a time when a runner suffers a more serious injury. In many cases, this happens when they fail to listen to their bodies’ needs, and instead, they continue with their exercise as normal.

We recommend that you take care of yourself. When you’re in pain, your body is giving you a sign, and you need to take an additional day of rest, or even see a doctor. It’s always better to take a day to rest and heal properly.

5. Lack of rest

Finally, remember that proper rest is essential to ensuring optimal performance and adequate muscle recuperation. Rest allows the body to heal and recover from previous sessions. As such, make sure you have enough sleep so that your muscles, tendons, and bones have the chance to fully recover.

Woman with ankle injury

Keep in mind that if you deprive your body of sleep for a prolonged period, you can increase your risk of injury and cramping. You’ll also see a significant drop in your performance.

Rest is a part of training. A routine that accounts for proper sleep is the best way of ensuring that the body is in optimal condition.

As you can see, these post-run mistakes are quite easy to correct. You just need to be conscious of these errors and be willing to change any bad habits. We’re confident that, in addition to reducing your risk of injury, these tips will help you reach your full potential as a runner.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.