Seven Squats to Sculpt Sexy Glutes

If you're looking to sculpt sexy glutes, then doing it with squats is your best bet. That's why we've compiled a list of squat variations. Keep reading to learn more.
Seven Squats to Sculpt Sexy Glutes

Last update: 27 September, 2018

Squats are, without a doubt, one of the best exercises to sculpt sexy glutes. For this reason, we’ve made a list of variations to help you target your glutes as effectively as possible.

Of course, squats aren’t just great for if you want to sculpt sexy glutes. They’re wonderful for strengthening all of the muscles in your lower body. This includes your thighs, abdominals, calves, and hamstrings.

So, if you want to get the best results, do squat variations that will give your glutes a total workout. Keep reading, below we’ve listed seven kinds of squats.

Seven squats to sculpt sexy glutes

Below, we’ll explore seven kinds of squats to sculpt sexy glutes:

1.-Pistol squat

The first is a squat that you do on one leg. The goal is to lift your left leg in front of you and keep it as straight as possible, while squatting on your right leg.

woman doing pistol squat at the gym

What’s more, if you’re a beginner in this exercise, you can hold on to something like a chair. This way, you’ll be able to do it safely. Then, try to keep your weight in your heels. Once you’ve mastered this move, you can add some extra weight.

2.- Barbell squat

This kind of squat is an advanced one that needs special equipment. Therefore, you should do this at a gym. First, place the barbell over your shoulders, keeping your chest and head forward.

woman doing barbell squat at the gym

This example is just like the classic squat, but it’s more advanced as you’ll be adding weight to the barbellRemember that the more weight you lift, the stronger you’ll become.

3.- Squat with chest press

To do this exercise, you’ll need to hold a weight close to your chest and with both hands, while keeping your elbows to your sides. Remember that your feet should be shoulder-width apart.

Then, lower your body as much as possible. And extend your arms straight out in front of you and bring them back to your chest. Pause, and then return to your starting position.

“Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you.”


4.- Prisoner squat

Our fourth example is the prisoner squat, which is perfect for strengthening your glutes. First, stand with your feet hip-width apart, and place your hands on your head with your elbows to your sides.

Then, drop down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Then, lower your knees to the ground. Start with your left knee, and then follow it up with your right one.

Step your left foot forward and bend your knee in a 90 degree angle. Do the same with your right leg and return to the squat position to complete one repetition. Try to do 15–20 repetitions.

5.- Wall squats

Without a doubt, this is different from typical squats, since you hold a static or isometric position for a certain period of time, instead of working in a full range of motion.

However, it’s a great exercise to sculpt sexy glutes. Furthermore, you don’t need any equipment and you can do it anywhere you’d like. Simply stand in front of a wall and lean against it.

sculpt sexy glutes woman doing wall squat outside

Next, slide down and form a 90 degree angle with your knees, and hold this position. Keep your abdominals tight for 20–60 seconds. If you want to make it harder, add weights to each hand or place a ball between your knees.

6.- Squat with oblique crunches

For this sixth example, start by placing your hands on your head. Then, stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and lower into a squat position.

Next, shift your weight back and lift your left leg higher than your hips, and bring your left elbow to your left knee. Return to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side. Once you’ve done this on both sides, it counts as one repetition.

7.- Burpee squats

The last squat variation we’ll show you, includes a burpee in each repetition. So, to start, get into a simple squat position. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands crossed in front of you.

Then, lean forward while keeping your squat position, and place your hands on the ground. Next, jump into a plank position.

Then, put your legs back into a squat position, and jump up as high as you can with your hands over your head. Land in a squat position and do the remaining repetitions. In total, we recommend doing 15–20 repetitions.

In conclusion, remember that squats are some of the best exercises to sculpt sexy glutes. So, if you want to tone your legs and get amazing results, make sure you do all of the squats from our list.

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