How to Pick the Best Spinning Bike for You

If you prefer to workout at home instead of going to the gym, one of the best ways to do cardio, is spinning. That's why we'll advise you on how to pick the best spinning bike that meets your needs.
How to Pick the Best Spinning Bike for You

Last update: 04 November, 2019

Do you want to work out at home because you don’t have time to go to the gym? Do you want to take advantage of your spare time, while you watch TV, or while the dinner is in the oven, by working out? Then, a spinning bike can be an excellent investment. Keep in mind some of these tips to pick the best spinning bike for you.

Why buy a spinning bike?

If you do the math, maybe it’ll be more affordable for you to buy a spinning bike, than to pay the monthly fee of a gym. Besides, having a bike available for 24 hours a day, and for 365 days of the year could be the incentive you need to finally lose any extra weight.

There will be no excuses to avoid a workout, because you’ll have the equipment available, before you go to work, when you come home from the office and on the weekends.

And the best thing is that you’ll be able to do spinning while you watch a movie or a TV series, while you wait for the laundry, or the dinner to be baked. You can even work out while your children do their homework or take a nap!

Woman at the gym doing spinning

Moreover, even in the most modern and more expensive gyms in the city, the equipment shows signs of use and varying maintenance.

However, if you have a stationary bike at home, you’ll take care of it and keep it in great condition.

What to look for if you want to pick the best spinning bike for you

If you’re already convinced that buying a spinning bike and working out at home is a good idea, the next step is to know what functions the equipment must have. Among the qualities you should look for to pick the best spinning bike for you, these four stand out:

1. Heavy flywheel

This is one of the main features that you should consider when you buy a stationary bike to use at home. What is a flywheel? It’s the wheel that allows the pedal spindle to rotate and replicates your impulse. Its resistance will definitely help you to work out better.

When it comes to spinning bikes, the weight of the flywheel must be of at least 40 pounds (approximately). You’ll know if this is what you need, because when you get on it, you’ll feel stability and solidity.

It’s true there are less robust and more affordable bikes that can work too. But if you want to pick the best spinning bike, the flywheel is crucial.

2. Belt drive

This is another feature that a spinning bike has. The pedals are connected to the flywheel by what’s known as, ‘transmission’ or ‘drive’, which can be a belt or a chain.

If it’s impulsed by a belt, its durability may be higher. Besides, it’ll need less maintenance and will be less noisy (perfect to use during certain hours at home). If the impulse is powered by a chain, this may need replacing from time to time.

Woman trying a bike to pick the best spinning bike for her

3. Adjustable saddle

Any bike you use must have a comfortable saddle that you can adjust according to your needs. Otherwise, your experience may prevent you from wanting to work out.

It’s good to know that indoor bikes don’t always have this feature available. Therefore, pay attention to how much you can adjust the height and the distance to the handlebar. And make sure you can adjust it according to the length of your arms and legs!

4. Multiposition handlebar

Just as with the saddle, it’s necessary that you are able to adjust the handlebar to your body (and not the other way around, because that could cause you unnecessary pain). Besides adjusting the height, you must be able to change the length, so that you can reach the ends.

‘Multiposition’ means that the bike will allow you to support your hands, elbows and arms in different places.

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