The Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

Martial arts can improve the way children interact socially and can also teach them values. Some of these might be respect, solidarity and responsibility.
The Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

Last update: 09 April, 2019

Although many people don’t know, there are many benefits of martial arts for children. Far from being violent sports, as they were once considered, martial arts now leads the way in a healthy and mindful lifestyle.

Martial arts can greatly improve the body and mind with its discipline. Thus, parents shouldn’t doubt whether it’s the right sport for their children. Currently, these disciplines apply pedagogical programs that help kids develop their physical and mental skills.

The obvious benefit

Every sport, if practiced regularly, can have great physical benefits. Muscle development and strength is one of the most obvious benefits of martial arts for children and adults alike.

There are many benefits of martial arts for children

However, excessive muscle development may jeopardize children’s natural growth. The good news is that martial arts allow the correct muscle development while maintaining a healthy and balanced growth for children.

Respect as the main defense mechanism

Despite popular belief, martial arts don’t employ routines where it’s all about fighting or hitting. They actually teach respect for others and self-love. Additionally, children will also learn to value sports as a lifestyle.

Although the competition in these sports is mainly individual, teamwork is extremely important. The team consists of all the classmates, and they develop solidarity for one another. This isn’t common with other sports.

Martial arts tach many different values to children

Eastern culture

With the Internet, we can now reach any corner of the world without even stepping out of our homes or getting up from the couch. Although this knowledge is easy and quick to find, it does lack a certain cultural factor.

Those people who practice martial arts in the west have a direct connection to traditional eastern practices. The benefits of this access to such peculiar cultural knowledge range from physical to mental effects.

A discipline for life

It begins with learning how to wear the uniform correctly. The rules for this sport must be followed closely and strictly. Those rules to reach a goal go much further than just the practice of this sport. They apply to everyday life.

Martial arts teach children certain values that range from their relationships with their parents to how they approach their studies. There’s a special focus on teaching children to reach goals that are short, medium, and long term. They also teach the strategies to achieve them.


Some children start to show low self-esteem from an early age. Martial arts help confront these obstacles in order to beat them. Kids start to feel much better with who they are and what they do when they practice martial arts.

Martial arts and bullying

Unfortunately, bullying is something many children and young adults deal with every day, causing depression, physical and psychological injuries. Some specialists suggest that those affected by bullying can greatly benefit from karate, kickboxing or taekwondo.

The rules for these types of sports don’t condone taking the fight outside of the practice. However, they teach ways to avoid fighting and ways to defend themselves in case that’s not possible.

The first thing that instructors teach is to avoid problems. They also teach the children how to protect themselves by neutralizing their opponents, without injuring them.

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