Introduction to the TRX System

TRX trainings allow us to work out in a simple and easy way, since the exercises are done in suspension, which helps us carry out the movements. 
Introduction to the TRX System

Last update: 04 November, 2019

By now many of you have discovered the TRX system, also known as Total Resistance exercises. An accessory that allows you to complete a workout using your own body weight, as it keeps part of your body suspended.

With this type of ‘swing,’ we can quickly and simply carry out a large number of exercises using our own body in any location and at varying intensities, as we increase our abilities.

Training with the TRX system is suitable for all skill levels, as long as you make some adjustments to the routine before beginning. Take into account the needs of each person – it is not the same for a 25-year-old boy, as for a 50-year-old man.

If you are just beginning to train with TRX and your limited knowledge does not allow you to know which exercises are the most appropriate for you, this article will be helpful. We are going to present and explain several exercises that you can perform for an effective, full-body workout. 

Exercises with the TRX System: Squats

Squats the TRX system

Squats are a classic exercise that you can do to start developing your dexterity with the TRX system. The technique for performing this exercise is basically the same as when you perform it without equipment. The advantage being that TRX helps you squat down more easily without bending your back.

In order to execute the exercise, you must place yourself in front of the system with your hands on the grips and your bottom slightly flexed; once in this position, carry out the squat movement, always keeping your back as straight as possible as you descend.

This is the basic way to perform the exercise. From here, you can complete it with many variants: single leg, with a jump, double etc.

Chest Press

Adjust the straps of the TRX system to a short/medium length, depending on your height and what the straps hang from. Then place yourself in front of the system, facing away from it. 

Once in this position, the movement that you must perform is the same as when you do pectoral push-ups on the ground. Except that for this exercise, your hands are placed on the grips of the TRX.

The less parallel you are to the ground, the easier the exercise will be. If you are capable of performing many repetitions without much effort, it is time to take a step back and get in a more parallel position to the ground. This will make the exercise a little more intense.

Close Grip Row

Abdominal Exercise TRX

This is a perfect exercise to work and strengthen your back.

The position is similar to that of the previous exercise, only instead of standing with your back to the TRX system, you should face towards it. Take hold of the grips with your hands and keep your elbows close to your body, and perform a movement similar to that of paddling an oar. That is, flex your elbows and pull your body up using your back muscles.

Similarly to the chest press, the close grip row exercise will be more difficult the more parallel you are to the ground. 

Bicep Curls

Starting from the same position as the close grip row, but with the palms of your hands facing up, you can ‘curl’ your biceps using your own body weight.

Here, the most important thing is to keep your ‘core’ activated and to avoid curling your lower back. You must focus on keeping your body in a straight line and performing the movement exclusively with the strength of your arms.

Tricep Press

Another exercise for your arms – in this case your triceps – is the traditional ‘press’.

Position yourself on your knees with your back to the TRX system, but a little closer than before (since the triceps are a smaller muscle group and, therefore, less strong). With your arms stretched in front of your body, bend your elbows and let yourself drop forward, before extending your elbows again and concentrate on the strength in your triceps.

Mountain Climbers

With mountain climbers, we are talking about a complicated exercise. Before moving on to do it with TRX, you must be sure that you are capable of doing it without the straps. In contrast to how it works with squats, the TRX system does not assist you with mountain climbers. Instead, it complicates the exercise when your feet are suspended.

Lying on your stomach with your feet in the stirrups, get in a ‘plank’ position, resting the palms of your hands on the ground. Once in this position, alternate bringing each of your knees to your chest while keeping your hips slightly raised.

People Using the TRX System

Once you know this series of basic exercises you can go ahead and begin combining them at your own whim.

However, in order to facilitate your workout, we have created a sample routine to help you take the first steps:

Squats 3 sets x 12 reps

Chest Press 3 sets × 10 reps

Rowing 3 sets × 10 reps

Biceps Curl 3 sets × 15 reps

Triceps Press 3 sets × 15 reps

Mountain Climbers 3 sets × 8 reps

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