TRX Straps: an Efficient Tool for Getting Stronger

Thanks to TRX straps, you can strengthen your entire body by using your own body weight. In addition, you'll improve your flexibility, coordination, strength, and balance. It's a more than complete exercise!
TRX Straps: an Efficient Tool for Getting Stronger

Last update: 04 September, 2019

You may have seen them in modern gyms? TRX straps are used in disciplines such as CrossFit since they’re a very effective tool for your workout. Learn more about them in this article.

What are the TRX straps?

TRX straps are part of a training system that’s based on doing suspension exercises using ropes or straps attached to a wooden or iron structure. These straps are made of resistant and adjustable nylon. They also have footholds or handgrips.

With TRX straps, your hands or feet are the only points of support and anchorage: the rest of the body is suspended in the air. That is, you’re only working with your body weight. Also, this type of exercise has the advantage of working all the muscles since the entire body is involved.

Sessions with TRX straps are based on the military training system developed by the United States Navy Seals. They needed to exercise regularly but often didn’t have the right equipment. For this reason, they worked out using a parachute belt, which is very resistant.

What are the benefits of TRX straps?

Unlike other workouts, exercises with TRX straps allow you to develop more muscle strength, have more balance and work mainly on the core and back areas. Some of the main benefits of this system are:

1. Train your whole body

Each exercise has the ability to work muscles completely, in addition to cardio. With this combination, you can efficiently improve other aspects such as breathing, coordination, flexibility, and balance.

Woman doing chest press at the gym with trx straps

2. Reduces the risk of injury

TRX straps help to reduce injuries related to lifting more weight than you can handle. This is because they allow you to train with your own body weight. Many therapists and rehabilitation specialists use these straps for treatments because they also allow you to hold the body in specific positions.

3. Decrease back problems

TRX straps are effective at removing the pressure from your back and neck because they mainly strengthen the pectoral, abdominal and lumbar muscles. This means that they act against common backaches, low back pain, and neck problems.

4. Tones the muscles

Exercises with TRX increase muscle strength and are perfect for those who want to define their biceps, triceps or abdominals. Plus, there’s no need to use weights! You can say goodbye to those sagging arms or that stubborn fat around your tummy by taking advantage of this great workout system.

5. Helps you lose weight

The energy expenditure during TRX exercises is usually higher than with another type of exercise. While it’s not a cardio routine (which helps burn more fat), weight loss is possible and very likely.

As if all this wasn’t enough, workout routines with TRX straps are suitable for all ages since the exercises can be adapted to the needs of each individual.

Examples of exercises with TRX straps

You don’t have to go to the gym to train with TRX straps. Many people simply buy this item and use it in parks or even in their own homes.

As long as you pay attention to the specific techniques and the number of repetitions recommended, working out with TRX straps can be an excellent option. Some basic exercises include:

1. Stride

Stand up and with your back to the strap, hold it with the top of your foot. Put both hands on your waist and bend your knees, while bringing your right leg backward. Hold for a few seconds and return to the start position. After completing the right number of repetitions, switch feet and do the same on the other side.

Woman doing strides with trx straps

2. Chest press

For this exercise, take one of the straps in each hand. Take steps backward until your body is diagonal to the floor. Start with your arms stretched out straight, then bend them while letting your torso move forward slightly.

Two women at gym doing chest presses

3. Shrugs with TRX straps

This is one of the best-known exercises with TRX straps. Among other advantages, it allows you to work your abs effectively.

To do this exercise, hold each foothold of the strap with the tops of your feet and rest your hands on the ground. Then, do a plank, stretching out your body and bringing your knees to your chest.

Woman doing shrugs in a plank on the gym floor

Start as soon as possible to enjoy the advantages of TRX straps. Build your own routine and you’ll never become bored with this versatile piece of equipment!

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