What is Bokwa Fitness?

Bokwa Fitness is a trending exercise craze. Keep reading to learn all about this new dance exercise.
What is Bokwa Fitness?

Last update: 09 December, 2019

Bokwa Fitness is becoming more popular among athletes. Read on to find out everything you should know about this novel way to exercise.

Bokwa Fitness is a new type of discipline that takes advantage of movements and the impact of music. It includes a fascinating rhythm for exercising. The steps are simple and easy to memorize. So it’s an activity for people of all ages.

As a group activity, it has a new and completely different focus. In addition, it’s becoming more and more available in gyms. This kind of exercise guarantees fun as well as muscular benefits.

Basically, Bokwa Fitness is a cardiovascular exercise routine that energizes and connects with the music. Actually, it’s all about feeling the music and freely moving to it.

Movements that you make consist of moving your feet to make letters and figures with your feet. Thanks to these combinations, dancers can memorize the choreography easily and create other steps independently with the help of the instructor. However, the role of the instructor at the beginning of the class is one of the keys to the attendees.

Bokwa Fitness is a program of intense cardio with dance and easy to learn movements. Another important aspect of the class is that this form of exercise is appropriate for older people as well as for younger people. It encompasses all levels and physical conditions. 

Due to the mix of music that’s used for the classes and the predictable and fun steps, people become addicted to this form of exercise. All of this motivates the participants. Although it does require a certain amount of coordination, the fun takes priority over memorization and choreography.

What is the origin of Bokwa Fitness?

Bokwa Fitness is an exercise dance program based on traditional South African music of Kwaito. The founder was Paul Mavi, who designed Bokwa in 2002 in Los Angeles. It’s now in fitness clubs all over the world.

A group of women doing Bokwa in a gym to support the text.

In fact, this dance began in South Africa and has been successful everywhere. The reason is that Bokwa is a mix of African dance, boxing, martial arts, and culture.

This simple group dance activity is different than any other program of entertainment up until now. One of the peculiarities of Bokwa is that the dance steps are based on numbers and letters, not on choreography.

So being able to rapidly control the steps makes the exercise easy and fun. This is different from other forms of exercise which require steady concentration and much more practice.

As with other activities, Bokwa is a good way to relieve stress from a hard day at work. At the same time, you can significantly improve the condition of your heart and musculature. If you try it, we’re sure that you won’t be sorry!

What parts of the body do you use?

This activity is a combination of boxing and dance that shapes your legs and puts you in a good mood. Also, it’s a cardiovascular exercise that uses all of the muscles of the body. So it’s an excellent way to burn calories and maintain your shape. In fact, this dance increases muscular resistance, which makes an impact on the majority of the muscles in the body.

Photo of people doing Bokwa Fitness, described in the article.

As you can imagine, the lower part of the body doesn’t get a break in Bowka Fitness. The sequence of movements works the glutes, the thighs, and the calves. This exercise is mainly cardio and the classes last about 45 minutes.

At the same time, you should know that the intensity of every class is different. Obviously, the intensity of the class more or less determines the number of calories that you burn. But don’t worry, your abs will become stronger and you’ll lose pounds as well.

In conclusion, whether or not you have the dancing ability, Bokwa is adaptable to all levels of fitness and all ages. If you’re interested in doing Bokwa, it’s important to wear good quality shoes to avoid any type of unexpected injury.  Besides that, start having fun!

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