The Beautiful Integration of Martial Arts and Yoga

Martial arts and yoga have more factors in common than we can imagine. However, we must open our minds and discard the idea that martial arts is an aggressive practice.
The Beautiful Integration of Martial Arts and Yoga

Last update: 04 November, 2019

At first sight, martial arts and yoga may seem as if they’re different disciplines. Martial arts is a contact sport, with a strong emphasis on self-control. Yoga is about meditating and the feeling of peace. However, there are more connections between the two than we can imagine.

Those who have taken the initiative to enjoy both practices can confirm the positive effects. A healthier and stronger body is one benefit, as well as body and soul uniting in the search of the perfect balance. It’s a feeling of inner liberation and self-confidence.

Martial arts and yoga: integration that leads to harmonic strength

From their origins, we can find common characteristics between both disciplines; or rather, complementary points in pursuit of a common goal.

Confront difficult situations with integrity

The knowledge of one’s own body is the basis for being great warriors. Yoga fans identify with the most hidden areas of the body. They become a true inner mirror.

People integrating Martial Arts and Yoga.

Martial arts and yoga push our abilities to the limit and take us out of our comfort zone. In this way, individual care is easier as is each movement.

Martial arts and yoga connect and become one. During combat, we can prepare for dangerous situations and always keep the balance. The opponent can unbalance you in moments and you have to quickly return to the center.

Breathing is a conscious act

The correct management of breathing is fundamental and one of the bases of martial arts and yoga. The intake of air from our consciousness brings energy and strength. Meditation is also given in movement. With this, concentration increases and the results are optimal.

The maintenance of breathing control reduces situations of stress that can occur in a confrontation. Self-control is physical and mental, which presents a person in his best state. Experts recommend that we dedicate one hour each day to practicing these exercises.

Daily work, personal responsibilities, and pressures affect us negatively. For that reason, it is more than healthy to clear the mind and connect with oneself.

Body flexibility

The positions, the resistance and the continuous practice of these arts make a body more flexible. Over time the elasticity increases and with it the ability to mobilize. Each muscle is worked and obeys the signals of the brain.

Martial arts and yoga were born in Asia and evolved in time and space. Both teach the importance of respect, personal balance, and body development. In fact, they share different postures for daily training.

Changing perspective liberates the soul

The prevailing principles of these disciplines are humility, tranquility, and respect. In addition to physical preparation, these disciplines involve strong spiritual work. Each problematic situation is analyzed from another perspective.

Moreover, through these exercises, the tools we acquire ensures that we can focus less on the ego and observe from the outside.

The pursuit of a state of happiness using the control of the body and emotions is liberating. You break all barriers and prejudices and you learn to accept yourself. They are authentic exercises to raise self-esteem and improve social relationships.

Couple integrating Martial Arts and Yoga.

The ultimate goals of martial arts and yoga

The main point is to become strong people, physically and mentally. Strength can only be achieved with true harmony. Thus, combat exercises are combined with breathing techniques in martial arts and yoga. When they act collaboratively, these learnings become superior feelings.

The end result is a human being sure of himself and his ability to interact with the world. The identification of their weaknesses and strengths allows them to understand others. The differences exist and are accepted by giving the value that each one has. To reach that, a spiritual elevation is necessary.

The practice of martial arts and yoga share these essential foundations for human development. Not only before a physical attack, but also for other mental problems that can harm in silence. Memory loss, stress, and insecurity can be prevented by controlling emotions.

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