Are You Capable of Doing Yoga?

Learn about the demands that this relaxation and training discipline has. Its benefits go beyond the sessions and and there's more variety than with most other sports.
Are You Capable of Doing Yoga?

Last update: 04 November, 2019

It doesn’t matter how old you are! Whether you’ve got experience in sports, or are the least flexible person in the world, yoga is an activity for everyone! If you’re wondering if you’re capable of doing yoga, keep reading! In this article, we’ll tell you some of the reasons why you should choose this oriental discipline with so many benefits.

Are you capable of doing yoga?

Many people ask one another, are you capable of doing yoga? If you feel intimidated about doing yoga, feel you’re not the right age, or believe it’s only for people with a “spiritual” preparation, keep reading.

Actually, yoga is a very complete discipline which has no distinction for age, gender or physical or sports capacity. In each session, you’ll work on your breathing, movements, flexibility, and coordination. Benefits impact your sleep, nutrition, emotions, and general wellbeing.

yoga session

Despite what you may believe, you are capable of doing yoga! Everybody can do yoga, from children to the elderly, pregnant women, or even people with health problems (as long as they have professional supervision)

Although it’s a physically demanding activity, each person performs the exercises at their own speed and according to their capacities. There are no counter indications and not even body stiffness or health issues are an obstacle to getting started.

You are capable of doing yoga and the reasons to start

Before you make excuses and ask yourself if you really are capable of doing yoga, here are the reasons why you should attend a class:

1. You’ll appreciate your body

You’ll discover muscles you didn’t know you had while you improve your flexibility and body control.

2. Reduce stress

This is one of the main reasons why people choose yoga. We live in a “busy” world and taking a break to connect with yourself is wonderful. The best part is the positive consequences for your emotions, relationships, and even your sleep cycle.

3. You’ll make your body stronger

If you believe the only way to build muscles is weight lifting…you’re wrong! Yoga is great for making your arms and legs stronger. Exercises are performed using your own body weight (as done in calisthenics) and you’ll have more strength in your arms and legs.

4. Improve your heart

Beyond reducing stress which will do wonders for your cardiac health, with yoga your blood circulation will improve, especially to your legs. This way, you’ll reduce the “tired legs” effect or liquid retention.

5. Enjoy peace

If you decide to do yoga, focus on the movements you make and the coordination of the exercises you’re doing. This way, you’ll take your mind away from many problems, at least while the class lasts.

Are you capable of doing yoga? What next?

If we’ve convinced you that you are capable of doing yoga and it’s what you need, pay close attention to the steps you need to take before you start with the activity:

1. Classes at home or a center?

You can find many videos online on how to do yoga at home. However, in the beginning, we recommend you take yoga classes with an instructor. This way, you’ll learn the basic techniques and avoid spasms or injuries caused by a bad posture.

2. Are you capable of doing yoga? Different types of yoga

It’s possible that when you start searching for yoga classes you found different options. Although we can relate this discipline to meditation and a Buddhist way of life, there are several “trends” that are more aerobic, meaning that movements are much faster and more demanding.

yoga session

3. Necessary accessories

If you take classes in an academy, you’ll only need light, comfortable clothing to allow you to move freely. If you want to practice yoga at home, you’ll need to buy a special yoga mat (found in sports stores).

4. Results

It’s important to know that you won’t see results from one day to another. Results are gradual and slow. You may combine this exercise with another activity if you want to, for example, to help you lose weight.

Finally, keep in mind that you don’t need a special diet to practice yoga. However, we recommend that before you take a class, don’t eat too much and always keep yourself properly hydrated.

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