What's Shakti Yoga and is it Right for Me?

What's Shakti yoga all about? It's a way to look for a combination of energies that stimulate the nervous system and connects with your mind. It's based on a certain type of awakening of the spirit and your human conscience.
What's Shakti Yoga and is it Right for Me?

Last update: 10 September, 2019

Shakti Yoga is a complete stimulation process of not only the human being but the central nervous system as well. It uses something known as kal darshan, a thousand-year-old discipline that integrates the different facets of the human being in a single place: mind, body, and spirit. The goal is to keep your body healthy and strong, in sync with the universe.

According to Hinduism, Shakti or Sakti represent the energy of a deva. In other words, it represents the force of a masculine god through his wife. The power of femininity is known as Devi; when we associate it with fertility, it turns into Shakti. This way, both energies complement each other.

Shakti yoga is a meditation process in which every single one of our senses connects, and all of our nerves activate. With a lot of discipline, it allows you to reach a total balance between practicing asana, pranayama, and meditation itself.

The mental aspects of Shakti yoga

The first aspect we want to emphasize is the relationship between the deities Shakti and Bhakti; we’re looking to link these two great energies. Some people even believe that by combining both deities, a third one emerges, Adi Shakti. The participants must also leave behind preconceived beliefs, and compromise wholeheartedly to a spiritual connection of peace.

 Our daily experiences and the way we handle them in relation to our environment and our own emotions will always be involved when doing Shakti yoga. The link between internal growth, the awakening of our conscience and our spirit are fundamental elements for the formation of the creative energy of the goddess Shakti.

On the other hand, in Shakti yoga, there’s no greater fusion than when the soul of each human being liberates itself through intercourse. This is the moment in which the Atma-Shakti reunites with the masculine god.

A woman doing Shakti yoga outdoors

The physical aspects of Shakti yoga

In this activity, it’s essential to maintain the link between a series of dynamic actions and breathing, to stimulate our inner strength.

These concepts represent a huge difference from traditional yoga because we’re looking to sync our minds and bodies through movement and not through static positions. This way, we try to release all of our built-up tension.

One of the most representative exercises in Shakti yoga is the sun salutation. It consists of 12 steps that are invigorating and charged with energy to celebrate the arrival of a new day. It’s important to infuse the best energies on ourselves every time we wake up. This allows us to strengthen our relationship with the environment.

The benefits of Shakti yoga

By doing Shakti yoga, we’re trying to achieve a complete body in serenity. We create the ideal conditions for a balanced life; with a lot more strength, energy and determination in our daily activities.

It’s a powerful, strict and complex method that guides us to a total transformation and personal growth. It helps to strengthen our body functions because it represents the fundamental axis of cosmic wisdom.

Some people go as far as claiming that doing Shakti yoga on a daily basis allows us to build an ageless body and enjoy some ‘powers’ and ‘privileges’ of divine order. At the same time, we’re able to reach new levels of knowledge, while staying humble.


We can mention several modalities or variants, starting with Karsat. Karsat is a crossover training that involves the kar (creation) and the sat (truth). Creativity is the most important aspect.

  • There’s also Shastar Vidhya, which originates from the martial arts practiced in the north of India. It’s a combination of antique strategies that warriors used in the battlefields.
A girl doing yoga outdoors

  • Gatka Whish has the main goal of achieving perfect balance in your body. To do this, it requires three specific objectives: easiness to learn, mastering the use of weapons and the ability to fight multiple opponents. Nowadays, it looks for consistency in the inner balance of whoever practices these sports.
  • Lastly, we have Vidhya, a term that means truth, wisdom, and knowledge in Sanskrit. It chases the understanding of the balance between strength and weight, something that we can only achieve by living consciously from the inside. In turn, this involves reaching and discovering the true integral awakening.

In conclusion, we can undoubtedly say that Shakti yoga, just like other variants of this activity, is a very positive discipline for our minds and bodies. If you enjoy relaxation activities, don’t miss out on this type of yoga.

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