Discover the Amazing Benefits of Massage

Massage encompasses many techniques with different goals. They can be soft, intense, relaxing, rough, soothing; each needing a different technique according to your needs. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of massage.
Discover the Amazing Benefits of Massage

Last update: 02 September, 2018

A massage is the act of rubbing or rhythmically patting a part of the body with a certain amount of intensity. It’s important to know about the benefits of massage, since there are many types, such as: sports, relaxing, therapeutic, and more. However, not all of these will be suitable for you. As such, understanding the benefits of massage will assure you that it’s appropriate for you.

Nine different types of massage

Massages stimulate the superficial layers of your muscles, as well as the deepest ones. Each type of massage uses different techniques.

Relaxing massage

A relaxing massage uses firm and steady pressure. It helps to release stored tension, since it acts upon the nervous system and this leads to better physical and mental health.

Sports massage

The objective of this massage is to rehabilitate an athleteThe massage allows the muscles to relax, improving performance, while increasing flexibility.

man sitting in massage chair getting massage


This is done manually, by pressing the fingers at different points located on both feet. This allows your energy to flow, which positively impacts your digestive, nervous, and endocrine system. It also promotes better blood flow.

Circulatory massage

Its objective is to speed up the elimination of toxins from your body by activating blood flow.

Draining massage

The technique used for a lymphatic drainage massage will fight free radicals. It should be performed slowly, pressing towards the lymph nodes in the neck. But if the massage is performed on the legs, the correct technique would be to move upwards, from the feet to the knees.


This type of massage is performed on an area that’s very tense, or possibly injured, and is located by probing in advance. This helps to boost the effectiveness of any treatment that’s chosen for each person.

Beauty and hygiene

This massage seeks to perfect your appearance. To help regain your muscle tone, find a professional who will use the correct techniques. It also relaxes you and helps to eliminate fat deposits.


Make sure that only a qualified professional performs this type of massage. When done correctly, it can improve circulation and return any mobility that your tissues have lost.


Reductive massage significantly boosts the slimming process, since it mobilizes and softens subcutaneous fat tissues.

Ten benefits of massage

Massages combine different physical stimulants in various parts of the body. Consequently, they provide benefits to your physical and mental health.

They decrease stress and help you to avoid negative effects

Massages eliminate accumulated tension in your body, that is, they help a tired body. What’s more, they stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body. As a result, this releases pressure points and allows you to relax completely.

Reduces aches and pains

If you suffer from muscle pain due to stress or a bad posture, you need a relaxing massage. Massages can stimulate painful areas and activate the nerve that tells the brain to block pain.

They also relax your muscles, which helps them to recover. They should last for several minutes; in addition, make sure to use massage oil or cream, so that it’s easier to perform.

woman getting sport massage benefits of massage

Counteract premenstrual symptoms

A gentle massage with oil decreases premenstrual symptoms, helps to fight mood swings, and eliminates swelling.

Help control anxiety

Massages have the ability to regulate cortisol levels, the so-called stress hormone, since it’s released in response to stress. Massages help to curb anxiety by lowering your blood pressure and improving your mood. Moreover, massages stimulate serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter that keeps your mood balanced.

Induces sleep

Massages are great for those who suffer from insomnia. A massage will increase your brain’s delta waves, which are related to deep sleep. In addition, the massage will make you relax, thus, making it easier for you to sleep.

Help you to cope with illness

A good massage can make it easier to fight terminal illness. Massages make cancer treatments more bearable since they relieve pain, fatigue, and anxiety. What’s more, they stimulate positive thoughts and increase energy.

Avoid premature aging

Beauty massages improve your appearance. They make it possible to detoxify and nourish your cells, improve circulation, and tone your muscles. As a result, your skin looks rejuvenated.

Keep in mind that the benefits of massage are only obtained when they are performed properly. This way, you’ll avoid injuries and will enjoy great results.

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