Keep Your Body Hydrated with Hydrogen Water

Know all the secrets about this trendy drink: hydrogen water. It's a great way for athletes to stay hydrated.
Keep Your Body Hydrated with Hydrogen Water

Last update: 12 April, 2019

Hydrogen water is making athletes very excited! This new drink is full of properties and is very beneficial for keeping your body hydrated. Next up, we’ll tell you everything about this unusual liquid.

Also, because it couldn’t be any other way, we echo the experts who say that this water isn’t as beneficial as they want us to believe. We won’t make you wait any longer: lets talk about the world of hydrogen water.

What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is the result of mixing regular water with dissolved molecular hydrogen. What results from that, just like its name tells us, is water with a higher content of hydrogen than regular water.

Why is it better than conventional water?

The reason why this drink is more beneficial than regular water is the extra hydrogen it contains. Thanks to this element, this type of water can reach areas of your body that regular water can’t.

Also, by containing more hydrogen, it has more antioxidants that are really beneficial for your body.

Regarding people who practice sports, this type of water is better because it directly affects a lot of aspects that surround the daily life of an athlete. Its properties go from a faster recovery to less dehydration or a delayed presence of fatigue.

Benefits of hydrogen water

So far, we’ve talked about some advantages of this type of water. But beyond its convenience in sports, you must know that this type of water benefits everybody. Here are some of the main benefits of this drink:

  • It helps wound healing.
  • Delays the presence of fatigue.
  • Prevents injuries in soft tissues.
  • Accelerates the process of recovery after a sports session.
  • It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
Woman drinking hydrogen water at the beach

Just as you’ve seen, if you do sports, hydrogen water is a liquid you should keep in mind. Thanks to all its benefits, you’ll notice you’ll feel better while doing your preferred activity. Besides, you’ll also have a faster recovery once you’re done.

Benefits beyond hydration

The main use of this type of water is, just as with regular water, hydrating your body so it keeps the right levels of liquids. Many people who drink hydrogen water wonder if its properties go beyond this and if it would be beneficial to drink it during other times.

These people must know that the use of this type of water is also recommended for skin health. Because of its properties, this type of water reduces the appearance of wrinkles and spots, and it promotes the elasticity of the skin.

Showering with this type of water is, in most cases, almost impossible, because you would need a lot of it. That’s why the most usual practice is using it to wash your face before you go to sleep and when you wake up.

Regarding using this water to cook, we need to clarify that it doesn’t make much sense. Once you heat the water, the hydrogen loses its properties; so the results are the same as with regular water. Therefore, there’s no need to use this type of water to cook, because you’d only waste the water and money.

Woman drinking water

Hydrogen water controversy

Many experts have praised the properties of water with extra hydrogen. Just as we’ve talked through this article, it has a lot of benefits specially indicated for athletes, but also for everybody else.

However, other experts and groups such as the Valencian Community Union of Consumers have called out the false advertising to promote this type of water. They assured that its properties aren’t miracles, and they’re being exaggerated to increase sales.

What’s clear is that hydration is necessary for any type of person, especially for athletes, because they lose even more liquids. So, don’t forget to drink liquids before and after your workout. And also during training, especially during a long work out.

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