Keys to Taking Care of Your Skin When You're An Athlete

We should all take care of our skin, but especially when training outdoors and exposing ourselves to the sun. Here are some tips to do just that.
Keys to Taking Care of Your Skin When You're An Athlete

Last update: 01 March, 2021

Some people say that those who play sports have better skin because they eliminate toxins through perspiration. While this is true, it’s simply not enough for a healthy complexion. It’s essential that you take into account some keys to taking care of your skin whether you’re an athlete or not, but mainly if you train outdoors or in a pool.

Keys to taking care of your skin when you’re an athlete

Every day you might go to the gym, swim, or run. Whatever the case is, we recommend that you pay close attention to the following keys so that your skin looks great. Let’s see!

1. Determine your skin type

This is very important, so much so that it’s the first thing you must do before everything else. After all, taking care of oily skin isn’t the same as doing so in dry skin. The products you’ll use will depend on this.

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine your exact skin type. In that case, your best bet would be to consult an esthetician or dermatologist. Additionally, this professional will give you plenty of recommendations on the products best suited to your skin and at what times of the day to apply them.

2. Taking care of your skin: beware of very hot water

A very common mistake that many people make after exercising is taking a really hot shower, especially when training during the wintertime. However, showering with lukewarm water is much better. The reason for this is that it helps prevent natural skin oils and body sweat from being eliminated due to the change in temperature.

3. Use SPF, a great key to taking care of your skin when you’re an athlete

If you exercise outdoors, it’s imperative that you take care of your skin. After all, you’re exposing your skin to UV rays, something that wouldn’t happen if you trained indoors. Dermatologists and professionals in this area always recommend using water-resistant SPF.

It’s safe to say that we agree. We all know how much the body sweats when exercising, so it’s incredibly important for the SPF to resist it so that it protects you at all times. There are some SPF moisturizers specifically aimed at athletes, these don’t clog pores since they’re lighter.

A woman putting on sunscreen.

4. Taking care of your skin: wear appropriate clothing

This may be strange for some, but the type of clothing you wear can alter your skin. Choose shirts made of breathable fabrics specially made for exercising. In them, you can sweat a lot with no problems whatsoever, with no irritation in sensitive areas such as the armpits or the groin. We also recommended you use petroleum jelly or sunscreen in these areas.

5. Don’t wear makeup while exercising

Exercising after a long day at work is a great idea. However, before getting on the stationary bike or starting a CrossFit class, you must remove your makeup. A clean face while training will prevent your pores from clogging and will allow you to sweat freely. Choose micellar water or a chemical-free cleanser to remove your makeup and then wash your face with fresh water.

6. Hydrate your body

A great key to taking care of your skin when you’re an athlete (and when you aren’t as well) is to keep yourself hydrated. Remember that everything you put in your body reflects on the outside. That being said, drinking two liters of water per day is vital if you want to feel good and have a radiant complexion.

Remember that during training you lose fluids and minerals through perspiration. You can recover them with isotonic drinks or with water.

7. Remember to protect your scalp

Many times, people believe that skincare is all about the face. Well, they’re wrong – the scalp needs protection too. You may not realize just how sensitive this part of your body is and how essential it is to take care of it when exposed to the sun.

As a first step, wear a hat if you train outdoors. In the case of having long hair, don’t wear it too tightly. Additionally, wash it with natural products that make up for getting it wet every day.

8. Don’t train when it’s very hot

The best times to exercise outdoors are early mornings or evenings. Avoid doing physical activity between ten in the morning and four in the afternoon, especially in the summer. Even if you use SPF, high temperatures can seriously damage your skin. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Taking care of your skin is paramount when you're training when it's hot out. In this photo, a man under extreme heat.

9. Moisturize after swimming

If you work out in a pool, taking care of your skin is imperative, both before and after training. Keep in mind that pool water contains a lot of chlorine, and it’s not so easy to remove it with the shower. We recommend you use special gels and apply a moisturizer after working out in this place.

10. Taking care of your skin: get more vitamins

Basically, there are two paramount vitamins you need if you want to take care of your skin: A and E. The first has a vital role in cells, while the second has antioxidant effects that protect the dermis from dryness and premature aging.

We advise you to consult with a specialist to advise you on how to take vitamins and to apply the keys we just gave you. With all these tips, your skin will look healthier and more beautiful. Put them into practice and you’ll see great results!

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