Movements that a Healthy Person Should be Able to Make

The body is designed to move, and what seems like a harmless habit such as sitting all day in the office, can cause some damage to your body. 
Movements that a Healthy Person Should be Able to Make

Last update: 14 September, 2018

Human kind has achieved massive technological progress that makes life in this era, so much easier. It’s amazing and admirable that we now have technology to either identify new diseases or communicate with daily. However, this has also had an impact in our body’s movements. 

Centuries ago, man had to hunt for food, in order to survive, this required a great amount of physical activity and effort. 

Nowadays, there are few jobs that require physical activity and more that promote a sedentary lifestyle. Consequently, our body loses the essential capabilities that it needs to function properly; this only encourages health problems in the long term. 

Inactivity affects your daily life, even if you don’t realize it. There are movements you should be able to make, no matter your lifestyle. The scope of this article is to show you these movements, so take note!


Squats are a movement that we make daily, such as when we sit down on a chair, or get off of a bed. Doing a squat involves bending the knees and keeping a straight back. Trying to keep good form with this movement, is a way to avoid injury and pain.

Woman doing squats outdoors

Squats are one of the movements that you should be able to make, to guarantee that your muscles are working properly, aside from enjoying all of the benefits that this exercise offers. Squats make a difference to your health. So, if you find it hard to do them, we recommend you start now and improve your body’s functions.


This one probably sounds odd, but crawling is actually one of the movements that you should be able to make. Crawling works the arms and legs, improves blood circulationcoordination and balance.

This movement is very simple and useful. Not being able to crawl means you might be overweight, or have cardiovascular issues: if a baby can do it, so should you!

Crab walk

Crab walking is a movement similar to normal crawling, but it’s slightly more complicated. When practiced, the weight of your body falls on your arms and legs. Moreover, the strength of your abs and core also play a role in this movement.

It’s not a common exercise, however, you usually do it when you get up from the floor, or in similar situations.

Carrying objects close to your chest

When you go to the grocery store, hold a baby or take an object from one place to another, you use different muscles to do this, and as you walk.

In sports training, you might use a barbell or a dumbbell, and carry it on your arms over a substantial distance. Keep in mind, that humans should be able to carry at least a quarter of their weight.

Therefore, carrying different items, as simple as it sounds, is something that you should be able to do, no matter your shape.


It’s obvious that soccer players are in excellent physical shape. In soccer training, there’s an exercise where you must push something called a, “blocking sled.” This is a really heavy device. Everyone should be able to perform exercises similar to this one: it gives an idea of the strength and resistance of the person doing it. 

Wall ball throw

This is a common exercise in basketball, consisting of throwing the ball from the chest to the wall, and catching it at the level of the chest. This may seem easy, but it actually requires coordination and skill. More than a strength-focused exercise, it tackles the way that muscles and muscle memory work together.

Try as hard as you can

It doesn’t matter if you can’t perform all of these movements, what’s important is that you focus on eventually being able to make them. All movements symbolize that your body is working properly, from the basic crawling to something a bit more complex, such as wall ball throw.

If you can’t make these movements, it means you’re probably leading a sedentary lifestyle or you suffer with a physical impairment.

You must try to move your body as much as you can; movement is life. Whichever workout you choose, from playing frisbee, to doing zumba or low intensity steady workouts: all of these are perfect, if they make your body move.

Add all of these to the current movements in your daily routine. You’ll feel better physically and mentally, and eventually, you’ll also feel proud of your appearance and skill!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.