The Best Outdoor Sports and their Benefits

Practicing any outdoor sport is a great way of enjoying the environment, getting some sunlight and relaxing. Keep reading for some of our best outdoor sporting suggestions. 
The Best Outdoor Sports and their Benefits

Last update: 10 September, 2018

When the weather is good and the sun is shining, we’re all in the mood to go outside and enjoy outdoor sports and activities. Although going to the gym is good for your body, exercising while breathing fresh air, brings a lot of benefits too. Let us tell you about some outdoor sports that you might enjoy and how you can benefit from them.

Some benefits of outdoor sports

As a fit person, you know that exercise is great for your physical and mental health, but when you exercise outdoors, you can enjoy an even greater sense of well-being. Here are the benefits that we can expect when we exercise outdoors:

Higher self-esteem

It’s been scientifically proven that practicing a sport outdoors noticeably improves our self-esteem. This is because the energy from the sun has a positive impact on our mental health.

girl squatting at a park

The sensation of freedom that an open environment produces is not comparable to a gym, even more so if your exercise space means that you can connect with nature.

Releases endorphins

Endorphins are released when we exercise and this is due to the pleasure that we feel when doing it. Even when our exercise choices require effort (and maybe pain), it provides a huge sense of pleasure that is maintained, as this hormone is released.

Exercising outdoors makes us feel happier and gives us a better mindset for improved mood. Being able to exercise with friends or loved ones, helps us to feel even happier and therefore experience “pleasure doses” that will benefit our bodies in the long term.

The physical benefits

Remember, exercise first began outdoors in natural spaces! It is only during recent times that we have started to use machines and equipment. Despite everything that a machine can give us, this will never compare to the benefits of exercising close to nature.

So for example, if you like to run, running outdoors will allow your muscles and joints to exercise to their maximum potential, while lowering the impact on them. This impact can often be greater when running on a treadmill.

The best outdoor sports


Riding a bike is a sport that we have all performed since we were children, and without even noticing it. It’s a great muscle exercise and cycling outdoors also allows us to work on our resistance by cycling on different types of terrain, while enjoying nature and fresh air.

being a cycling addict bike ride

Plus, we can socialize with our friends by doing this a group sport. 

You can design a route so that you visit areas of interest or even use your bike as your mode of transport.


This is the most popular outdoor sport and for good reason! You can run anywhere: in the park, in the street, at the beach, etc. No matter where you live, any area is ideal for practicing this sport. Equally, you don’t need a major financial investment to do it, comfortable clothes and good running shoes are enough. Go out for a run and get some fresh air!

Roller skating

This sport does require financial investment as you’ll need a good pair of skates. You will also need an area of smooth ground in which you can slide and practice easily. However, this is not as difficult as you may think, every day more and more towns and cities are building bike paths and skating areas, perfect for practicing this sport.


If you live near a beach, forget the indoor swimming pools and dive into the ocean. Enjoy nature, fresh air and the great benefits of   sea water for the skin and blood circulation.

Other outdoor sports

Depending on the area where you live, you’ll only have to use your imagination to seize the opportunities that your city gives you to practice outdoor sports. Here are some ideas:

  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Marathon running
  • Paddle-ball
  • Golf
basketball high jump

Finally, remember that in many cities you may also find machines, (in parks for instance), that resemble those of a gym and are actually very useful to strengthen your muscles and burn calories. Whatever outdoor exercise you choose, any outdoor sport will improve your health. Have you decided which one to choose yet?

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